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In humourous contrast to this year’s design theme “daring details” this year’s life theme has been expect the unexpected!


The latest hiccup was an electronic death toll (the family health issues continue, but so far modern technical science and God’s grace has sustained all). I know I missed posting last week – my computer began a slow downward spiral Tuesday until a complete death 1 hour before my class Wednesday. So I’m still playing catch up, but wanted to pause for a moment to express my gratitude.

Dad is definitely the hero of the PC battle!!! 5 days (literally – morning, noon, and night) he performed computer surgery until he had me back up and running without a loss of data. If it weren’t for his indefatigable determination to fix it, I would still be the stone age… electronically speaking. Thanks dad!!!

And I also wanted to thank you all for your support when I posted on Ravelry & Instagram via my smart phone. Those “extra” purchases really helped getting the wheels of technology turning again enabling a return to publishing.

Puddles collage rolling in grass and running

Speaking of publishing, the long anticipated “Ladies Night Out” pattern is still in the queue. I have a few finishing touches to add, but it is coming! As I take my cue from Puddles and get back up and running I’ve had to revamp my publishing schedule. Expect a nice offering of test knits & releases in the coming weeks!

If you saw that line about a class – yes, I’m taking a class! Jill Wilcott’s “A System of Grading” so I may better serve you garment knitters!! I’m learning a ton and loving it :-). Expect to hear more early Winter when the course wraps up.

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