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Hemming and Ending Slingshot

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Puddles and I are so excited to introduce something we’ve not done before – a pattern designed to learn and practice Lindsay’s Invisible Short Rows for 2 color brioche knitting! 

We could have just created a dishcloth, but that wouldn’t be very “Knit Eco Chic” so instead we created Slingshot, a fun faux-bius with directions for an optional skinny scarf. 

Inspired by slingshots, thus the name, I admit I’m not entirely sure why short rows and slingshots were so highly connected in the little grey cells?  I couldn’t shake the association loose so dove right in!

See the little slings between the positive mountains and negative sky

Perhaps it was because I was envisioning the play of positive and negative space between the mountains and the sky.  Or perhaps it was because I heard a message on David and Goliath.  Or perhaps it was even a certain nephew telling me of his excellent target practice. 

But definitely there was a touch of seeing SO many knitted bobbles on my IG feed!!  This actually was going to be part of it – “bobble” stones inside the slingshot motif, but in the end, it was one technique too many.  (If you want to add them, let me know and I’ll share where to place them.)

colourful reuleaux triangles adorn the design

The colorwork design arcs short rows back and forth to create a reuleaux triangle (with a little gimme on the bottom edge)!  Each color is used like regular brioche – so only one color per row.

Fitting into our Hems and Ends theme:


– it is the upcycle design using the leftovers from Terran and featuring the short row technique that debuted there!

– the pattern features an I-cord Alternating Cast On.  It creates a base of stitches, literally.  The cast on sits at a 90 degree angle from the rest of the knitting without any special tricks needed – just simple stitches every knitter knows!  This base of stitches sets up for the brioche colorwork beautifully!  A video of this technique is also included.  Funny story there, originally Terran had a HUGE over 400 st cast on because originally it was going to be worked top down (until the lying swatch revealed the error of thinking organic cotton and bamboo had the stability to achieve the vision… but that’s next week’s blog).  So being the “good” designer that I am, I filmed the tutorial way back in 2020 when I was casting on my Terran.  Not wanting a good technique video go to waste, and LOVING how it sets up for brioche and allows the necessary stretchiness brioche demands, it was used with Slingshot!


Simple mattress stitch between the edge sts

– it is a worked flat design that is seamed into the cowl (photo tutorial on how, included)!

Final notes: gauge is nothing for this design.  The technique taught works with any weight of yarn!  But remember, it will impact your final dimensions.  Color is everything for this design!  Will you join us in using all the wacky and wild leftovers in your stash or will you go for a refined style with a coordinating color scheme?

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