Hoedown Showdown on barn door

Hoedown Showdown Song Challenge

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Hoedown Showdown on barn door
Grab your partner – it’s hoedown showdown game time!

Now bow to your partner,
Bow to the corner too,
Join hands and
Swing your partner.

Swing your partner, ‘round ‘n ‘round
Run outta yarn, head into town.

In the shop, check out Trudy,
She dyes yarn that’s eco groovey.

Cast on picots, start each project,
Soon you’ll have a finished object.

Watch Cheryl sew bags all day,
For your knitting projects, ya, ya, yay!

Head outta town, stash in hand.
Head to the Hoedown,
Your WIPs be lookin’ grande.

Stitch through the fall’s corn maze fun,
Carrying your project bag stuffed with handspun.

Swing your partner, switch from KAL to MKAL.
Docey Do, just two clues to go!

In a field, Lisa write books,
Sashay 3 steps forward for a closer look.

Kick up your heels in some hay,
Take a break & read “Knit, Love, Pray.”

Buckaroo Puddles dances too,
He takes a waltzin’ break just with you.

For our hoedown laughs and pattern prize fun, record your ditty before the midnight sun*.
Post online in the Hoedown Showdown chat thread; prizes to be awarded before I go to bed*.

*midnight sun of Wednesday October 4th
*bed for the sleepy head Thursday October 5th

There are lots of songs online to get you started!
Check out this one for great meter… and a belly ache over his lyrics!

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