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Curious about the clues from the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL hunter game?  Here’s your chance to take a stab at them and get a sneak peek preview of the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL’s exclusive FO prize!

We had 3 amazing prize donors for the Hunter Game for this MKAL:

Each donor became a clue in the game as well as participated in an interview!  The rules were simple: clues (some visual and some textual) will be posted at random during the duration of the MKAL. After the clue is posted you have 48 hours to post the correct answer. All correct posts will be entered into a random draw for a prize! The Hunter game will include multiple opportunities to win, but participants may only win 1 prize per person. You can still participate in the fun, but your post won’t be entered into the random draw.

So how would you fair?

Clue #1

clue 1 and answer
Correct Answer: Black Mountain Yarn Shop Class/ Event Schedule Link:

Clue #2

clue 2 and answer
Correct Answer: Walled Indian City Shawl Pin Link:

Clue #3

clue 3 and answer
Correct Answer: Bonnie Bishoff Shawl Pins Purchasing page Link:

So how did you do? 

To read the interviews and learn about the people behind the scenes and what makes each one so very special, check out the following links: 

Again, a grateful “thank you” to each prize donor, Donna, Laura, and Bonnie!

And now the sneak peek at the MKAL exclusive knitter’s bag from Sashka Macievich

MKAL exclusive FO prize
MKAL exclusive FO prize! 100% cotton knitter’s bag from Sashka Macievich

Thanks so much, Sashka!  To win this prize: everyone (including winners from the Hunter game) who meet the requirements following and post their Shawl Pin Shawl FO in the FO thread by the deadline (September 18, 2015 at 9am EST) will be entered into a random draw for this MKAL exclusive prize.  Requirements – purchased Shawl Pin Shawl pattern and have a Ravelry project linked to the Shawl Pin Shawl pattern page.

If you enjoyed the games, be sure to join the Knit Eco Chic group on Ravelry to stay up to date on future KALs & MKALs!

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