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Identity eBook cover

Indies Unite! Collaboration: I told you the 99th release would be something special. Puddles and I are thrilled to join with some very talented indie designers in our first eBook collection.

Identity combines seven exciting designs featuring two stitch patterns by Christine Guest, Jill Wolcott, Laura Patterson, Marcela Chang, Patty Nance, Ruth Brasch, and yours truly! Happy knitting!!

Let me introduce you to these fabulous fellow indie designers and the patterns they designed for this collection:

Apiaceae by Christine Guest
Apiaceae by Christine Guest. Photo: © 2019 Avi Dascaloff

Christine Guest – designed Apiaceae. Christine has one of those designer brains that is like a soul sister to me. She loves the investigative and pattern engineering aspects of designing. Often, she’ll work over a dozen motifs until she gets just the right combination of stitches to make the pattern represent God’s creation that inspired her. From her past catalog, Habibi is my favorite. The way she tinkered and the months she took to create a knit version of an ogee tile is definitely worthy of congratulations and respect! Since she publishes irregularly, she keeps you up to date on her stitch experiments and discoveries via her blog,

Somerset Stole by Jill Wolcott
Somerset Stole by Jill Wolcott. Photo: © 2019 Avi Dascaloff

Jill Wolcott – designed Somerset Stole. She’s also the driving force behind the theme of our collection. A fashion professor and knitwear designer, Jill decided never to retire. I was blessed to be in her inaugural “A System of Grading” course in 2017 (which relates to our upcoming 100th!). Jill’s knowledge base for fabric and design is jaw dropping. Her patterns are so complete, even if that means running 10s of pages long! When you knit one of Jill’s designs, you can be confident each element was selected purposefully and presented in a way that will enable you the best FO possible.

Autumn Sky by Laura Patterson
Autumn Sky by Laura Patterson. Photo: © 2019 Avi Dascaloff

Laura Patterson – designed Autumn Sky. Laura has a wealth of design knowledge and creates beautiful feminine lace designs! Publishing under the moniker Fiber Dreams, Laura has been active in the design community since 2007. Autumn Sky marks her reintroduction to publishing after a recent sabbatical. Read more about her return in her snippet in the eBook. Many thanks to Laura for being the driving force behind the collection. Herding cats is easier than herding designers… especially indie designers!

Desert in Bloom by Marcela Chang
Desert in Bloom by Marcela Chang. Photo: © 2019 Marcela Chang Rojas

Marcela Chang – designed Desert in Bloom. You may remember Marcela from the interview a few years back. This fashion design grad brings youth and fun to her designs. From over-sized sweaters to fitted lace tops, there is nothing she can’t do beautifully! Vibrant colors and gorgeous yarns are hallmarks of her collection.

Amadea by Patty Nance.
Amadea by Patty Nance. Photo: © 2019 Avi Dascaloff

Patty Nance – designed Amadea. I especially love the backstory for Patty’s pattern name in this collection. Known for introducing the knitting world to Bargello knitting, Patty looks at a skein of yarn and says, “yes, I will cut you up before casting on” with courage and confidence! Though she invented the technique, she doesn’t restrict herself just to Bargello. Her catalog is a brimming with gorgeous color in all types of weights and fibers. When not designing, she’s crafting with beads. If I knit socks, I doubt I could live without her “Sox Marx” custom made stitch markers.

Louisette Socks by Ruth Brasch
Louisette Socks by Ruth Brasch. Photo: © 2019 Ruth Brasch

Ruth Brasch – designed Louisette Socks. We all have our favorite designers to knit from and Ruth is one of mine – both due to her design acumen and her wonderful spirit. When I want to pick up my needles without having to put the little grey cells into design gear, I often reach for one of hers! From an “Ode to Autumn Hat” to “Fairy Wings” (shawl) and “Ode to Summer Hat”, Puddles and I’ve enjoyed many of her well written designs. (Feelin’ Foxy is next on my selfish knitting list… that texture, oh my, is incredible!). In recent news she announced pulling back from being a full-time dyer to focusing more on her patterns. I can’t wait to cast on another of hers… she maybe even able to get me over second sock syndrome with her Louisette.

Unleashed family photo with Puddles thrice leashed and camera mom and camera dad and Lindsay

And our 99th release…

Unleashed! Click the link to read about the design.

The second part that makes 99 especially neat – Knit Eco Chic is now multi-lingual! A very special “thank you” to Marcela. She translated all our patterns and eBook into Spanish!

Get your copy of Identity today on Ravelry. Each pattern will be available later in the month as an individual download, at which time, the eBook price will go up to it’s regular full price listing.

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