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Identity KAL

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“Social distancing” the buzz word of corona safety has been my prescription for these last 20 years of EI. Truly, the last human touch I experienced, save camera mom and dad, was the doctor during my last exam back in November. It’s a tough reality and something that people with EI experience on a daily basis. However, I’ll share two secrets with you for survival during more private times. 1. Find God’s blessing in each day – from the unexpected email of a friend, to a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, to a particularly delicious yarn, CS Lewis in “Surprised by Joy” calls these love letters. By making a point to recognize each one, He will revive your spirit in ways only He can. 2. Make use of technology to stay connected. Yes, they may be virtual hugs, but try to imagine them as real and feel the connection the other person is making an effort to share with you! To that end, I’m thrilled to present the following collaborated KAL for your knitting enjoyment:

One of the best things about working in the indie designer industry is the designers! During this time of social distancing, we decided to come together to offer an IG KAL on our collaborative eBook, “Identity”, to help you remain engaged with one another.

Identity KAL collage

March 20 – May 14

Instagram… you can knit anywhere!
Tags – #IdentityKAL #IdentityKALWIP #IdentityKALFO

How It Works

  • Grab your copy of the Identity eBook or single pattern. The eBook has much more bang for your buck, plus you get a extras like background, reading about each designer, and being able to comparing our different publishing layout styles, etc.
  • Gather your supplies and make an IG post with the tag #IdentityKAL
  • *Knit, post* repeat * * as frequently as you like!
  • Post your progress with #IdentityKAL and/ or #IdentityKALWIP
    Not sure what to post? We’ve got weekly prompts to keep you inspired and weekly drawings for pattern prizes to keep it fun
  • Chat with other participants by posting on posts with the #IdentityKAL / #IdentityKALWIP / #IdentityKALFO hashtags
  • Post your finished projects with #IdentityKALFO by May 14th to be entered into the final prize drawing
Identity collage

Eligible Patterns

Any pattern from the Identity eBook:
Amadea by Patty Nance
Louisette Socks by Ruth Brasch
Autumn Sky by Laura Patterson
Somerset Stole by Jill Wolcott
Desert in Bloom by Marcela Chang
Unleashed by Lindsay Lewchuk
Apiaceae by Christine Guest

Identity KAL photo prompts

Weekly Photo Prompts

Happy knitting!

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