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Into the Unknown

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Back in October or thereabouts I began starting the 2022 design plan and theme and was absolutely stuck.  If you’ve not noticed, I’ve been a bit alphabetical the last few years – daring details, eco elements, fiber focus, gorgeous gradients, hems and ends, and hit “I” and was like “Iconic I-cords”.  But as I fleshed out ideas for a year of I-cords, the feeling of “I love ‘em but meh, give me some picots and grafting, please” arose.  Not wanting to be untrue to the design theme nor corner myself into a year I knew I’d grow tired of, I headed to my bff indie designer and asked for her input.

We got chatting about Maine and the move and other big 2022 events… Puddles 10-year gotcha anniversary ☹, and cough, turning 40, cough.  She threw out “into the unknown”.  And ya know what, it was perfect!  Not a daunting kind of ‘unknown,’ but a year of adventure in stitches which didn’t restrict the creative juices to one particular cast on / bind off method.  “Into the Unknown” was born with joy and friendship, new possibilities, and future new locales!

A Look Forward

Slip and Rise, our 2022 pattern club, also comes with a year-long KAL!  The KAL will happen in the Knit Eco Chic group on Slack.  Slack is a 2-part joining process – you must email me ( with the email address you want to receive the invite to the group.  Then I’ll email you the invite and you can sign in on this page here:  As I’m still off rav, but thanks to my rockin’ VA, Linette, there will be a non-monitored thread in the Ravelry group, too, if that’s where you prefer to hang out and knit together. 

Slack is a 2-part joining process – you must email me ( with the email address you want to receive the invite to the group.  Then I’ll email you the invite and you can sign in

Shadowlands Headband was just released last week as the first in the club.  February’s design is currently in testing and will be out soon.  March is shot and in queue for final review before tech-ing.  April is in queue, too, for final review before tech-ing and a dream of returning to the location that inspired the first design in the club as well as the club’s idea!  (It’s about 2 ½ hours away each way so need a bit more spoons in the health depot first.)  Then a planned break until the end of summer, during which, the last two designs will leave the little grey cells and land on paper and needles.

Shadowlands Headband on a rock
Shadowlands Headband has two styles – Southern and Northern

Yarns – I’ve got some yummy Malabrigo Verano designs, some “oh so soft” Five Wise Owl organic cotton pieces, and ideas for at least on Eco Stitch linen feature.  I’ve also been testing out new-to-me-yarns so we’ll see a return to the yarn review segment of the blog in the coming weeks too!

Puddles with the data mining swatches on the new Five Wise Owls heather cotton

Stitches – slipped stitch cables over garter backgrounds have flown off the needles in the last 4 months, so I hope you enjoy the techniques as much as I do!!!  Textured solids and colorful brioche also will make appearances.

Sneak Peak of February’s Slip and Rise Pattern Club release!

Meanwhile In Maine

The last pose he did for the Meanwhile in Maine series

Both the design and the build continue!  Stay tuned for more blogs as we prayerfully seek the right choice in materials during the supply chain shortage.  It does mean a back to material testing, which may impact my design schedule if I have too many reactions, but I know God is going before us and He will bring it to fruition.  …and also, will bring the little grey cells back too so I can finish the sweater pattern – having a bit of a fog about getting the 6 sizes into one pattern 😉.

Sharing 2022

For the past two years, Handspun Hope has been our sharing partner.  We have loved watching God at work in the wonderful yarnie community!  This year we’ll be returning to sharing with the Craig family, who work in maintaining and updating the infrastructure in Ukarumpa Papua New Guinea, as they have been experiencing even more difficulties with Covid and Covid restrictions.

Annual Verse

Oh, it’s been hard to decide!  8 verses spoke to me and fit the theme “into the unknown”. Ephesians is one of my favorite books, so ended up selecting Ephesians 2:10 for 2022. 


photo fix Jessica bra strap
From little to big edits, I’m available!

All these designs will need tech editing and despite my best “sales” efforts, I’m still supplementing the design production cost by freelancing.  So, remember if you are in need of a freelance photoshop artist or someone to create charts, schematics, and / or webpages, give me a shout! 

A Fresh Paw-spective

Puddles modeling Shadowlands (cowl)

As 2022 dawned and with it the sadness of losing Puddles, I thought, ya, this fits, too.  It’s been a long-time since I’ve been Dane-less, but I know God has a purpose for this time without.  My heart is greatly saddened about this kind of “into the unknown”, but I know His faithfulness will bring comfort when it is needed, joy in new ways, and growth through the sorrow.  So, join me as “I”, instead of “we” move into the 11th year of publication.  Please forgive any accidental “we” references.  Even though it was one ago month this morning, at times it seems like just yesterday he was snuggling in my arms as I knit and designed exciting patterns for you to enjoy.

I look forward to joining with you as we knit “Into the Unknown” together! Happy knitting 😊.

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  1. Just love sent to you. Lots and lots. This year may be unknown, but far from something to be fearful of. I think you’ve got a great start to things and I will keep following along.

    1. Post

      So sweet – thank you for the love! Yes, a fun and exciting “into the unknown” not a fearful one. I’m looking forward to seeing your WIPs and FOs in the KAL too :-).

  2. So bittersweet to see Puddles’ last pictures. My heart goes out to you Lindsay. I’m warming my feet on my daughter’s very old dog right now and am thankful for every moment of her unconditional love!

    1. Post

      Aw, thanks. Ya, that one from the newsletter mailer is one of my favorite. I have one like that with my first Great Dane & Puddles’ cousin, Cheeky. I think when I get my office set up in Maine I’ll put them in a frame together :-). Give your daughter’s fur-baby an ear scratch from me! Enjoy every moment!!

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