Still shot of the invisible hem top down trick

Invisible Hem for Top Down Knitting

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Several years ago, I published a how-to hem-as-you-go for bottom up knitting. Those were the days when I never thought I’d ever try top down knitting (hehe, as my nephew says) “in all my life!” But then I was challenged and not wanting to back down, dove into top down knitting. I “mildly” enjoyed it, saw the benefits, and decided, yes, top down knitting is something I would like to investigate further.

The only problem, none of my bag of tricks were applicable! Thus it was time to craft a new set for this method of stitching garments. The first video in the set, Lindsay’s Disappearing Cast On ™ debuted with Remix Hour. Today’s feature is a self-hemming trick that skips the bind off, saving time and losing that extra bit of bulk the bind off stitches can sometimes create. I first saw a version of this trick a few years back in one of Jenise Hope’s patterns⁺⁺.

Since filming, some kind knitters let me in on their secret hack of using a lifeline instead of locking stitch markers. If you pick the lifeline option, go for contrasting colour yarn so you can easily follow along. Be careful not to split your life line with your graft or whip stitch (or it will be out with the scissors to free the lifeline at the end). Regardless of tool, enjoy the process!

⁺⁺ Although Crown Tee is bottom up, Jenise uses a provisional cast on so she can work a grafted invisible hem at the end. If you love photo tutorials, get her Crown Tee pattern – it has a great one!

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