2024 theme: knit - knitworthy 'n intriguing techniques

KNIT 2024 theme

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For those of you who’ve followed along for a while, you know the first blog of the year is the theme announcement.  Following alphabetically, I don’t think this year is too much of a shocker.

Introducing the year of KNIT

k: knitworthy

n: ‘n

i: intriguing

t: techniques

What to look forward to?  THE BIG PROJECTS!

My next knitting book is in the works!  A book of shawls featuring my favorite “intriguing” technique, short rows.  Like Take the Plunge, this book will be available in both printed and ebook formats.  With beautiful designs, some familiar and some new shapes, behind the scene insights, and a few special bonuses, I hope you enjoy short row swinging your way through all the shawls included!

Meanwhile in Maine sweater & the move!  This is the year, uhm, didn’t I say that already a few times now?  But seriously, camera dad left for Maine this morning and stated that the next time he comes home it should be to move us up!  Talk about an exciting start to 2024!!  I’m still working on the regrade of the sweater now that I decided to go with the more complex version. 

A Farewell

I’ve an little eBook to say “farewell” to my favorite NC LYS in the works.  Keep an eye out for the test knit – I’m almost finished with the tech edit inputs.

Odds and Ends

Treescape Hat and double layer knitting

Double Layer Knitting took me by surprise and I’m eager to dive back into it and push the boundaries!  My brain is SO intrigued by the double layer fabric and I can’t wait to play, erg design, with it more.  Although new releases probably won’t be until the end of the year (or even into 2025).

I’m leaving a lot of space open this year as I just am not sure where I’ll be when and with what yarn!  I’m hoping for another indie collaboration as well as a few stand-alone releases featuring intriguing techniques.

Verse of the Year

Isaiah 40:31 Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.
A little thumbnail of a moon was caught in the background of one of this year’s knitting book pattern’s photo shoots!

Well, that’s the KNIT year in a nutshell!  I look forward to seeing your projects and cheering you on as you tackle new-to-you techniques as well as old favorites.  Happy Knitting!

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