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Knitworthy dips and bobbles

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Part of the Joy of Knitting this year is knitting for others.  When it comes to the knitworthy, my list is long, but there is one name at the top of it, camera mom! 

mom borrowing Air Bender

Who’s on your knitworthy list?

Trips to the dentist are so much more pleasant with fiber surprises!

As soon as camera mom saw this yarn in late April, she claimed it!  So, naturally it became her Mother’s Day present.  Because I’m not THAT fast a knitter, I worked on it over last summer, and we shot it just before the final blossoms disappeared.  The funniest bit was upon arriving back home, she promptly placed it in her closet!  Something I have loved teasing her about these days leading up to Mother’s Day.  Hmmm, perhaps I should snag it back and wrap it up for her.

Pom Pom gift wrap
This was my wrapping attempt in years gone by

How do you love to surprise your recipients?  (Especially those who have discovered their present ahead of time?)

Pairing knitworthy people with knitworthy stitches – the dip stitches and bobbles may take a bit more time than stockinette, but the results are worth it!  Since camera mom loved Butterfly Silk but wanted something casual, I kept the same shawl shape.  The Joy of Knitting added in the butterfly dip stitches – they are truly addictive.  Bobbles were all the rage on IG last year and I wavered back and forth between bobbles or beads for the centers of the flowers.  Going back to the brief of casual, I settled on bobbles.  Knowing I’d not make it to the end if I didn’t figure out a bobble hack, my little grey cells were happily engaged with this additional challenge!

Garden Buzz close up
Bobbles and butterfly dip stitches – 2 knitworthy stitches for your stitching delight!

Check out the quick tut here for a no-turn method of bobbling:

To see the dip stitches in action, check out the quick tut here:

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