Want to learn about eco knitting?  Check out the resources below:

Cool tools for Knit Eco Chic patterns:

  • Watch all our how-to's on YouTube

    Knitting tips, tricks, and hacks, our You Tube channel has a variety of videos showing off our favorite knitting processes. Knit Eco Chic on You Tube

  • Check out our "Stitch in Focus" series

    Fun and unusual stitches abound! These (below) are the ones that have made it into some of our favorite designs.

brk3tog stitch demo

What’s an increase without a decrease!  The brioche knit 3 together (brk3tog) is ...

brkfyof stitch demo

Welcome to the first video in our new Brioche knitting series! With the launch of Autumn Come, ...

Stitch In Focus: I-cord

One of my personal joys in knit design is collaborating with other designers. Today's Stitch ...

Cultivating Cultivation

Preamble: in a slightly atypical post style, today's blog contains both the backstory to ...