collage Lindsay's Invisible Short Rows

Lindsay’s Invisible Short Rows

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for 2 color brioche knitting

One of the things I love most about brioche knitting is the reversible nature of the stitch.  When it came to short rows, though, the techniques I could find all “displayed” the short rows in varying degrees of glaring announcements “there is a short row here!”  I knew they had to be a way to make it completely invisible.

Terran, the wrong side

Over the two years of designing Terran, one of the tasks I sent myself was to crack the visible short row nut.  I’m happy to say, it is possible to have invisible short rows with brioche creating a perfectly reversible design!

(A wise man would have probably had less than 400 or so stitches on his needles, but that, at the time, didn’t occur to me 😉.)

Check out the video tutorial of how to achieve this invisible look!  The private video link is inside the following patterns for your 2-color brioche knitting delight:



Coming Soon
A cowl pattern – now available! Slingshot
A scarf pattern

Why private? I’ve gotta cover the over 20 hours of TE on it somehow! 😉

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