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Love, Hair, and Scissors

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I saw a heart in the roots and then my heart appeared.

The keyword this week seems to be love… I’ve seen it everywhere from hearts in tree roots to interactions with test knitters, other designers, and on social media. So today as I leave for treatment, I’d love to tell you about a very special charity! Yes, you caught it… treatment, but I’m actually excited because the benefits far outweigh the pain as I pretend to have a normal life by going out, having fun, and meeting my fellow knitters!!! So what’s the connection between treatment, love, and charity? (Aside: treatment = I have to cut my hair because needles have been lost before – owie!) A few months ago when my treatment was postponed, I realized the postponement availed an opportunity to share love. So I skipped cutting my hair and haven’t cut in the last 11 months because…

about locks of love
from the website

This is the first time in years the lapse between treatments has enabled me to grow my hair for this great charity. I’ve enjoyed all the ponytails, french braids, and je ne sais quoi up-do’s with my comb, but am now thrilled that these locks will become a blessing for a child who has none!

hair styles
Long hair is so much fun!

Yesterday, I cut my hair and to my dismay it clocked in at 9″ rather than the 10″ required by Locks of Love. Deeply disappointed I shared it with my BFF co-indie, Tal, and was about to throw out my cutting when she said, “STOP.” Out of the kindness of her heart she’d found another hair donation site which takes hair as short as 8″! Pantene’s “Make the Cut” program partners with HairUWear to provide free wigs for women with cancer related hair-loss.

from the pantene Make the Cut website
from the website

As I leave for Toronto, I invite you to consider joining in Locks of Love or Pantene growth teams. It is a passive donation that only requires patience, time, and a little extra shampoo, but blesses the life of a special child or cancer patient greatly!!

pony tail beside me

Ready to join? Check out the Locks of Love website or Pantene for full details and get growing!

Knit Eco Chic Business stuff – while I’m away I’ll have limited Internet access and no access to my pattern files. So if you have a question, please include the pattern excerpt OR pop into the Knit Eco Chic group on Ravelry and hopefully another group member will be able to help you out. I return towards the end of the month and will answer any outstanding questions at that time.

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  1. I love the heart in the tree root! I also love that you were able to donate your hair! Losing hair & the other ways that cancer changes the way we look can be hard to deal with. I haven’t gotten any wigs, but careful makeup application & a fun knit hat continue to make me feel better because I look better.

    Thank you for donating!

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