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Luxury in Fiber

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Luxury yarn

Luxury yarn deserves pie, especially when knitting on Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving… Puddles and I are so thankful for each one of you!

A luxury fiber like none other! Are you ready to have your fingers and FOs spoiled? Then this is the yarn for you!

Brass Tacks
Mora yarn info
Weight: Fingering Texture: Plied Yardage/Meters: 225 yards (205 m) Skein weight: 50grs Gauge: 28-30 sts = 4 inches Recommended needle size: US 1-2 or 2.25-2.75 mm Recommended hook size: US B-1 to D3 or 2,25-3,25 mm Content: Pure Mulberry Silk Cares: Hand wash, cold water. Dry flat.
From the Malabrigo website.

My Gauge Results

Swatches fresh off the needles awaiting info gathering before a dive into the bath and block.

Mora worked well on a variety of needle sizes! For the particular pattern I designed for the Malabrigo Quickies program, US 3/ 3.25mm was the sweet spot. I swatched out on US 1- US 5s. Here’s what I discovered… focusing on Stockinette Stitch.

Swatches drying with Puddles
Swatching tip: use 1 skein of yarn and start with the smallest needle size (or largest) you plan on working up. Don’t break the yarn between swatches. Instead bind off on the wrong side row so your tail is on your left (like normal) for your next cast on! After you’ve gleaned your info, washed, blocked, and gleaned more info, the yarn is available to become your project without tons of ends to weave in!
Mora US 1
Average Blocked Gauge: 32 sts and 44.5 rows over 4″/ 10cm

US 1 experienced a 6.91% stitch and 4.3% row shrinkage between the “on the needle” gauge and “post wash & block” gauge.

Mora US 2
Average Blocked Gauge: 29.5 sts and 37.5 rows over 4″/ 10cm

US 2 experienced a 3.28% stitch and 9.64% row shrinkage between the “on the needle” gauge and “post wash & block” gauge.

Mora US 3
Average Blocked Gauge: 24.75 sts and 34.25 rows over 4″/ 10cm

US 3 experienced a 11.21% stitch and 6.16% row shrinkage between the “on the needle” gauge and “post wash & block” gauge.

Mora US 4
Average Blocked Gauge: 23.25 sts and 32 rows over 4″/ 10cm

US 4 experienced a 7.92% stitch and 7.94% row shrinkage between the “on the needle” gauge and “post wash & block” gauge: making it the most stitch shape stable of all sizes swatched as they shrunk nearly at the same rate.

Mora US 5
Average Blocked Gauge: 23.75 sts and 31.25 rows over 4″/ 10cm

US 5 experienced a 1.04% stitch and 8.09% row shrinkage between the “on the needle” gauge and “post wash & block” gauge.

Mora Cast On


*There are a few social media hashtags I avoid using, but just look at this yarn! This shot is unfiltered!!! Are you thinking of the one I’m thinking of? But I’ll be good. Instead of using “that one” I’ll just “ooh” and “ahh” over this knit-licous Mora freshly cast on. The shimmer, the sheen, the subtle hues of blues and greens, and the feel between the fingers, is absolutely incredible.
*Mora comes from a company with strong eco-principles. From the Malabrigo website:
-Family run
-Mill in Uruguay is heated with a flat-plate thermal heating system to decrease it’s footprint & solar heats the water used in the dyeing process
– They are committed to sustainability, employing less advantaged, using as little water and chemicals as possible.


*This yarn requires you to have a manicure before stitching! You think I jest and in part I do because I’ve never come across this before – if you have a hang nail, the tiniest little hiccup on your cuticle, or even a small ding in your lunula, this yarn will find it… and once it does, it will snag. Since this is a luxury fiber, make your experience a completely luxurious event – manicure, knitting, throw in some great friends, good food, love, and laughter and you’ve got a memory in the making with a fabulous FO to go with it!

Overall Rating
More please!! The dynamic color with subtle hue variations, the feel between the fingers, and the durability of the pile combine to make this one I look forward to working with again.

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