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Intersection Cowl, original designed over 2 years ago and photographed last fall for the right feel, is now ready for publishing. At long last, the planning is over and I can share the pattern with all of you, my fellow yarnies! Until… my heart dropped as I looked over the pictures for the pattern cover. In the final photo selection, I discovered the fall leaves appeared only in one background. Apparently last year when I reviewed the photos, I had a fall filter streaming through my window providing the impression of much more color than actually was.

Since the time is right for knitters who’d want to knit this piece to wear during the autumn color and the leaves haven’t yet changed this far South, it was Photoshop to the rescue! Here’s how to add fall color to your images. (Note: it is easiest if the leaves already have some change so Photoshop acts to punch up the color rather than turning green into oranges, yellows, and reds.)

Lots of color in the original photo, so it wasn’t until I started cropping that I realized the color was in the wrong spot in relation to the cowl.
After cropping the beautiful red and oranges to the right are gone. The focus is now the green to the right.
Open the image in Photoshop. Select the background using the Quick Select Tool.
Select Image, Adjustments, Variations
Several options appear. The upper left is the original and current pick (side by side). The main cluster of seven preview different color highlights. The right bar shows lighter and darker options.
I selected “more red.” The current pick, 7 center, and right side bar options update to show the new options with the “more red” selected. However, I decided that just one “more red” was enough.
Intersection Cowl
As you can see the background has a “setting sun” rose appearance. The already present bits of red and yellow in the mostly green tree are more prevalent & the green is less strong.
Here are the two cropped & edited cropped side by side.  I also did a quick edit to the shadows & highlights to make the cowl more visible.
Here are the two cropped & edited cropped together. I finished with a quick edit to the shadows & highlights to make the cowl more visible.

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