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As we prepare to hand out the physical prizes drawing the Indie Design Gift-a-long to a close, I wanted to take a moment to highlight my favorite patterns from the Mod Squad. Without these volunteers the event would not be the fun, engaging, face-paced, adrenaline pumping, crafting event to end all gifting events that it is. In considering how best to thank them for all the hours they put in over the six weeks, I thought what better way than a mod squad pattern round-up. So get your queue buttons ready, you won’t want to miss these gems!!! Not to mention it gives you plenty to craft while you wait for GAL2016.

Cardinal Neck Warmer

From our fearless leaders – the admins. (Okay 2 of the 3 admins – you all know what I’ve got.)
Nina Machlin Dayton aka NinaKnits
I’ve had the pleasure of knitting several of Nina’s designs over the years – Ninetta Neckwarmer, Medici Hat, and Squid Hill Hat – all of which I highly recommend for their ease and amazing backstories. Today I’d like to introduce you to her Cardinal Neck Warmer

Three cute, crisp cables link up 6 buttons all of which is set off in seed stitch.


Simone Kereit aka Simone77
I especially love Simone’s Riversong Shawl club ebook! But to pick a single pattern for the round up, I selected Love & Madness.

Simone captures and transforms Medea’s dark feelings into her stunning shawl design.


From the Mod Squad
10 Hours or Less aka 10HoursorLess
Harmonic Hologram

A completely reversible two colored cowl design, that knits up in, you guessed it, 10 hours or less!


Kimberly Golynskiy aka 80skeins
Elemental: Noble Gases & Halogens

You saw it in the ‘Twas the Knit Night Before Christmas blog, but it is just stunning not to include again and atomically correct too boot!


Aimee Alexander aka AimeeMCM
Let It Snow! Ski Hat

I fell in love with this one during the gift-a-long – with all the different color combinations, the design is customizable to match any ski suit.


Kate Bostwick aka cowtownknits

Accessorize your home with your stitching of the pillows and blanket in the Fundy Tides Collection.


Denise Voie de Vie aka DeniseWorld
Nichols Cardigan

Creativity with a crochet hook! I don’t know how to crochet, but this design makes me wish I did.


Jean Clement aka desertroseknits
Reune Fingerless Mitts

Stitch-a-long in comfort while keeping the winter chill off with these feminine mitts from Jean.

Campfire Hats n Mitts

Adrienne Ku aka Drin
Campfire Hats & Mitts

Roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories around the campfire in style!


Allison LoCicero aka frecklesandpurls
Havasu Falls

Allison’s got your neck covered in her catalogue of engaging accessories.


Brenda Castiel aka goodstuff
Eveleigh Cable Cowl

You know I can’t resist a bias design – this reversible cowl adds a splash of color to lovely stitch work.


Jessica K. Larson aka Goosebearknits

Covering you from head to foot, Jessica’s catalogue is as diverse as it is beautiful. Today I selected Amesbury because of the beautiful construction, easy knitting, and stunning colors, but it was hard to choose just one!


Kimberly Voisin aka IndianaKimberly

If only my nephews were tots again, this adorable design is a must knit for the little boys in your life!

Anya Bangle Bag

Kate Vanover aka kateclysm

From Tartan to fashionista, Kate’s got your evening bag knitting covered with her Bangle Bag designs.


Jennifer Dassau aka knittingvortex

With a catalogue of over 100 amazing designs for women, picking just one for the round up was such a challenge. Today I went with Silverado because of its gorgeous cables, but ask tomorrow and I’m sure to select a new front runner :-).

Beads on Beret

Lindsey Stephens aka Leebah
Beads on Beret

Ring in 2016 with a little beaded glam tam from Leebah! And if you incline to crochet, check out her vast catalogue of crochet designs.


Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren aka Littlebitsheepish
Mine’s A Martini

Fiona’s sense of humor shines through her catalogue – especially the pattern names. So get ready to smile while you shop!


Triona Murphy aka otismurph

Gorgeous fitted women’s sweaters meet little bundles of joy designs for baby boys in Triona’s well stocked shop. I selected Chandail today because the cables were calling my name.

hardware heaven

Sarah Jane Jackson aka SarahJaneDesigns
Hardware Heaven – Boot spats & Wrist warmers

Stunning crochet designs – even though I don’t crochet, the beauties in Sarah’s shop are worth learning for! I particularly love her Hardware Heaven series – corset, cowl, cuffs, and wrist.


Sharon Boswell aka SharonB

This fitted faux-cabled vest/ tank is sure to flatter!


Karen Troyer Ladman aka specialKknits
Junie Marie Mitts and Mittens

Designed with love for her mom, Karen combines a fun stitch pattern in a double your pleasure pattern, which includes both mitts and fingerless mitts designs.


Talitha Kuomi aka talithakuomi

With nearly 150 designs, picking one was difficult to say the least! Talitha’s shop includes something for everyone and every occasion. I selected the clutch because I love the color work she designed and Puddles likes the wet puppy picture.


Faye Kennington aka UkeeKnits

It was tough to narrow it down to one design from Faye. When it came time to decide I had two equally tied top contenders and was completely torn between Whitefish Ripples and Waverleaf. In the end I went with Waverleaf because I thought the colors would pop in the blog 🙂 but I linked the other one too – curious to see it? just click through!


Barbara Benson aka vox8
Cables Are Cool

To top things off, I thought I’d share my favorite hat – as in all time favorite hat! Barbara does amazing things with color – well you’re shopping, check out Sardaukar too.

We were blessed with 4 non-designer volunteers this year! Send ’em some pattern love or note to show your appreciation for the time they devoted to making the GAL run smoothly and providing a non-designer POI for us too.

Thank you all, participants and volunteers alike, for making GAL2015 a smashing success! Enjoy one last trip through your cart and spread some thanks to the volunteers who made it come off without a hitch :-).

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