Moebi Knits 2020 Pattern Club Cover

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Moebi Knits 2020 Pattern Club Cover

Moebi Knits 2020 Pattern Club

Welcome, knitter to our 2020 Moebius pattern club! Puddles and I have several fun Moebius designs for each season combined into this eBook, which will be updated with new releases periodically throughout the year.

The special spin on these infinity loops is “double”! From applying double knitting to a moebius, to a double treatment of the yarn, to knitting a moebius that fits multiple item categories, each design features something that doubles you over.

Release 1: A Valentine’s Day love letter from a moebius to double knitting, Love Moebius marries these two fun techniques. Take a walk on the wild side as you watch the moebius magically twist and turn your stitches. Highly contrasting colours will make your heart throb for these X’s and O’s.

The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted with a colouring page, photo tutorial, and how-to video.

Release 2: Have you got the world on a string? When life throws an unexpected twist and you just need to knit something brainless, cast on String Theory Moebius. Philosophically deep, in theory only, this easy-as-an-I-cord design starts with just that. Pop your skein in a bag and face the challenges while knitting! Once your I-cord is complete, a touch of infinity appears with the moebius. Fun to knit; great to wear!

The easy level tech edited pattern is fully written.

Release 3: The beach is calling, but so is your yarn. What’s a knitter to do when sand and stitches both beckon you? Combine the two while you soak up the sun! Beach Bum cover up adds beauty to function whether wearing it as a short dress or side split skirt. Open shell lace graces the bottom while a clever moebius covers up top. The multiple tying options ensure it stays right where you want it while catching sun rays or splashing in the waves.

The intermediate level tech edited pattern is fully written with a diagram and schematic.

Release 4: Autumn Come mingles the last days of summer with thoughts of cold evenings to come. A moebius cast on joins forces with brioche to create a uniquely intriguing mirrored abstract leaf and branch pattern. Adventurous knitters will delight in the stitch interest created by combining these techniques. Use bright colors to hold fast to the last vestiges of summer or deep tones to welcome Autumn with your stitches.

Skills & Construction: moebius, brioche, brioche shaping stitches. As any adventurous knitter knows, each pattern is conquered one stitch at a time. Autumn Come is no different! Traditionally speaking, this would fall in the advanced skill category. Test knitters who had not used either technique before proudly accomplished this pattern! With determination, patience, and concentration you too can impress your friends with your finished Autumn Come.

The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted. Accompanying brioche stitch tutorials for the increases and decreases used are available on the Knit Eco Chic blog.

Release 5: Moebius Fun!  Adventure and excitement are met in this short knitting commitment piece. Matching Love Moebius, Moebius Fun applies true moebius knitting to a headband! Fun to knit and to wear with the thick double knitted fabric that keeps the snowy day chill at bay.

This fun little design will take you on a moebius roller coaster! Complete with two construction methods – a brainteaser for those brave hearts ready to have their stitches taken for a spin and a more standard construction that breaks it down into more recognizable stages. Which will you choose?  Note: advanced level pattern.

The tech edited and test knit advanced level pattern is fully written with the pattern repeated written and charted. A coloring page for the pattern repeat and grey scale photo tutorial round out the pattern extras.


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