Mountaintop Christmas Trunk Show!

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You’re invited to Knit Eco Chic’s first trunk show! I had the distinct honor of being invited to be a vendor at the Mountaintop Christmas sale this Saturday in Laurel Ridge, NC. At the Knit Eco Chic “booth,” enjoy some handcrafted organic maple shortbread cookies (recipe to below), browse my samples, and find the perfect gift for the ones you love.

650 Shuck Pen Ridge Road, Vilas, NC 28692

July 19, 2014 10am to 5pm
650 Shuck Pen Ridge Road, Vilas, NC 28692

(The entrance to Laurel Ridge is located on Baird’s Creek. From 105, turn onto Baird’s Creek. Go 1 mile and Laurel Ridge is the development on the right. There will be green signs directing you to the house.)

Black Diamond Cowl

At the booth:

Black Diamond – Designed specifically for those who love the outdoors in winter, this cowl is stylish and functional in that it fits under a coat. The snug fit around the neck is like a turtleneck protecting the wearer from winter’s icy blasts. Named after the most challenging ski slopes, Black Diamond features a knit and purl diamond design in 100% organic cotton with shell buttons.

Black Willow Cowl

Black Willow – This is a pattern I designed based on the black willow tree. I was inspired by a beautiful black willow tree while undergoing treatment. My eye was drawn to the richness of the bark and the variegation of depth. I added glass beads for an accent and a porcelain leaf button to carry theme. It is knit in 100% organic cotton with glass bead accents and a handmade recycled clay button.

Fall In Flames Cowl

Fall in Flames – Implementing the Fibonacci sequence both horizontally with knit and purl stitches and vertically with color changes, the Fall in Flames cowl is the perfect cowl for transitioning into fall. Knit in 100% organic cotton and accented with glass beads and a genuine corozo button, this cowl is sure to keep you warm throughout the fall and into the winter.

Fall Twist

Fall Twist (2 available) – The “Fall Twist Cowl” braids and cables 100% organic cotton into a cozy cowl perfect for the changing seasons. The warmth of the organic cotton snuggles you close as the colors reflect the changes occurring in nature. Accented with a handmade recycled clay button, this cowl will keep you in comfort and style as you explore the beauty of Fall.

Galaxy cowl

Galaxy – Inspired by the heavens at night, the Galaxy Cowl features the legendary tree of life converted into a cable pattern, with button planets and glass bead stars. This unisex cowl mirrors the scene above while earthbound observers, contemplating the heavens, are wrapped in warmth and comfort of 100% organic cotton with glass beads and shell buttons. With Cheeky, my Great Dane, not obeying her property line at night, I spent a few minutes almost every night of her life outside on the other end of a leash while she did her business. Gazing up into the stars I was moved to praise and worship God. I designed this cowl with our moments under the stars in mind.

Geometry in Motion Cowl (button version)

Geometry in Motion (button version) – The Geometry in Motion cowl pattern is a versatile design, which compliments any outfit. The diamond pattern moves with you creating stunning visual effects. Keep warm, stylish, and comfy through the workday, on the go, or chilling with friends at the pool hall. Knit in 50% milk and 50% soy yarn with a handmade recycled clay button, this cowl is as soft as angora but animal fiber (and cruelty) free.

Linked In Cowl

Linked In Cowl – By itself, or worn with the cuffs, this design will draw looks from even the most seasoned knitter due to the intricacy of the color cable stitch.

Mountain Peaks Skier Cowl

Mountain Peaks Skier – Designed specifically for those who love the outdoors in winter, this cowl is stylish and functional in that it fits under a coat. The snug fit around the neck is like a turtleneck protecting the wearer from winter’s icy blasts. The use of purl stitches and cables add texture to the 100% organic cotton and shell buttons. I was envisioning mountain peaks with snow avalanching down when designing this cowl.

Northern City Girl Cowl

Northern City Girl Cowl – Dressed in style, this city girl cowl lends itself to your imagination. Sunshine brings glass beads on the tips of the tendrils sparkling to life. Fastening the button keeps you cozy during the nip of an arctic blast! Accessorizing your trench coat or complementing a turtleneck, this 100% organic cotton with low impact dyes and glass beads cowl is certain to invite praise. The button is handmade with left over yarn and glass beads.

Off the Cuff Cowl

Off the Cuff – I find cuffs on garments rather interesting as they intentional expose of the wrong side of a work. The seed stitch alters to emulate the structure of a cuff. The coconut shell button lends itself perfectly to the 100% organic cotton yarn, naturally with a touch of preppy.

Pillows of Comfort Cowl

Pillows of Comfort – Comfort is king on this simple lace design with wave edging. Give a warm 100% organic hug to someone special with this soft cowl. The button is locally made from clay.

Pink and Preppy cowl

Pink & Preppy – 100% organic cotton updates the argyle fashion with lace as versatile as it is chic.

Southern Christmas Cowl

Southern Christmas – The Southern Christmas cowl brings the joy of the season in a garment weight perfect for the south. Knit in undyed 100% organic cotton and accented with glass beads, this festive cowl keeps you in the fashion of the season. You will stay cozy with your neck covered, but not overwhelmingly so, due to its relaxed construction. This piece transitions nicely between outerwear and indoor wear. Perfect either for wearing while strolling through your ornamented town or while decorating your tree.


Squiggles – Traveling cables and ruffles pop this 100% organic cotton cowl. It’s the perfect gift for the one who loves fun. Joyfully celebrate life in watermelon pink and apple green all winter long.

Twist Me Up Cowl

Twist Me Up – Twist Me Up is an ultra long braided reversible cowl knit in 100% organic cotton. Wear this unique piece as a single mega long loop, twist it up into a double long loop, or twist it up a third time for a cushy triple neck loop. The monochromatic color scheme accents the simple lace detail on each section of the design.

Linked In Cuffs


Linked In – Winter warmth for cold days, these 100% organic cotton cuffs can be worn over anything. The shell buttons add a touch of romance. This design will draw looks from even the most seasoned knitter due to the intricacy of the color cable stitch.

Tugging My Heart Strings


Tugging My Heart Strings – A relaxed ruffle with a heart set in lace just for any day you want to share love! Knit in 100% pima cotton from a socially responsible company and with over 1600 glass beads, this design was a labor of love. With multiple styling options, this scarf is sure to complement your favorite outfits.



Savannah (over the head) & Savannah (jewelry clasp) – Spanish moss inspired the loop-de-loos, while the romantic Southern city of Savannah inspired the easy lace pattern. The design features transform the knitwear from a casual cowl, with the over the head design, to a dressy necklace, with the jewelry clasp and beaded design. Knit in 80% silk and 20% cotton from a company with eco practices.
Note: easily shorten the over the head design with a slip knot in back.

Ruffle Cascade


Ruffle Cascade – Hand knit in socially responsible 100% cotton. Ruffle Cascade is inspired by beautiful mountain waterfalls, the ruffles on this hat cascade from crown to brim in luscious softness. A great hat for spring days and summer evenings when a little extra warmth is all that’s needed.

Off the Grid Organic Maple Shortbread Cookies


Organic Maple Shortbread Cookies

Not at the booth:

Me. Unfortunately, my current level of wellness prevents me from attending this exciting event.

“Off the Grid Organic Maple Shortbread Cookie” Recipe (c)2014 Lindsay Lewchuk
1 c. organic butter
1/3 c. organic maple syrup
1/4 c. organic maple sugar
2 c. (+/- ¼ c.) organic flour

Note: though this recipe doesn’t require a mix master, it does require an oven. It’s a great recipe to make with kids!

Allow the butter to come to room temperature. Preheat oven to 350. Wash hands thoroughly. With hands, smush together butter, maple syrup, and maple sugar until combined. Add 1 ¾ c. flour. Smush with hands until dough is formed. Add extra flour ¼ c. at a time. The texture is right when the mixture sticks to itself rather than to your hands.

Off the Grid Organic Maple Shortbread Cookies
cookies free formed

Form into a disk and flatten mixture until it is 1/4” thick. Using cookie cutter and cookie stamp, cut out rounds and stamp with maple leaf. Alternatively, for “free formed” cookies, take 1-2 Tablespoons of the mixture and form into a rough leaf by pressing in between thumb and index finger. Add veins to the leaf with a knife.

Bake 350 degrees for 10-18 minutes. 10 minutes makes blonde cookies and 18 minutes makes light brown cookies.

Let cool. Enjoy!

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