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linen tank picture by waterfall
What would you name me?

This nameless pattern is nearly ready for release, but it lacks a striking name to match.
That’s where you come in: suggest a name for the tank in my group on Ravelry & if I use it, you win the pattern! (in your Ravelry library once it’s published)

So what makes a great name?

1.It is available on Ravelry. That’s right, there are lots of great names out there that have been used to the point of being lost in all the search results. (I considered “Everday” Tank for this one, but with 757 patterns with that name already, decided to keep looking.)

2.It uses words that people use to search. This one gets a bit tricky as you have to delve into the little grey matter of other individuals to think what they might type in a search when looking for this tank.

3.The name links to some aspect of the design (even if the link is a loose one).

To help you out in the challenge, here’s a bit more information on the nameless tank. A bit about the design: it is knit in Quince and Co. Sparrow and offered in 12 sizes – 32” to 54” (81cm to 137cm). Knit from the bottom up with a self-hemming cast on (just like the one in Olea), it features waist shaping and a lace detail. The lace is my interpretation of the sassafras lace stitch pattern with short row shaping at the top giving it a slight curve up in the center of the neckline. Sorry doesn’t show in the picture well, but it does when you wear it. Plus with this pattern, I’m debuting a “custom shaping calculator” which enables knitters to jump between pattern sizes for a perfect fit. (I.e. if your hips are 1 size bigger than your waist, it calculates a custom decrease so you can knit the hip size that fits and decrease 1 size to the waist size that fits.)

So if this tank speak to you, what name does it give when introducing itself? Submit your suggestions on my Raverly group here!

Note: Feel free to submit multiple names in the thread on Ravelry. You don’t have to be a Knit Eco Chic group member to vote, but we’d love to have you as part of our group :-).

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  1. I vote for Sassy or Sassafras tank…
    Or how about Trillium since it is a unique uncommon style like the flower, and is a rare but amazing find!

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