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Please join me in welcoming Karista of Sweet Mountain Crafts to the blog today. I’ve followed Sweet Mountain Crafts on IG for a while and love the gorgeous yarn and beautiful scenery.

Karista of Sweet Mountain Crafts
Hi Karista!

Question 1 – Tell us a bit about Sweet Mountain Crafts, your love for dyeing and sewing, and how you got started?
Sweet Mountain Crafts is an artisan dyeing company that dyes yarn, fiber, mohair cinch cord, and also sells sewn and other crafting related items. I am the business owner and fiber artist that keeps the lionshare of the business moving forward, though I have a lot of help from my family.
I think I started dyeing like most that play with fiber, I just pulled out some natural yarns and started adding colors (food coloring in the beginning). I made some hideous yarns and a couple fun ones, too.
After a bit of time, I decided I wanted to dye more intentionally. I ordered acid dyes, yarn, and started with a cheap aluminum pot (not recommended, it can change the dye colors). I was looking for a new direction in life since I had been homeschooling my kids and they were starting to graduate and leave home. My husband encouraged me to pursue dyeing as a business, and so it began.
As for sewing, I started sewing when I was probably about 4. My mom is an avid sewist and was often at her machine when I was young. My grandmother taught me to sew on my great-grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. I have sewn off and on all my life.

Seen here are “Fall Aspen”, “Into the Forest”, “Caramel”, “Maple Leaf”, “Pumpkin”, and “Hot Chocolate” all on Scree Sock (c)sweet mountain crafts used with permission

Question 2 – Where does your color inspiration come from?
I love the colors I see in the natural world and am especially drawn to flowers. It amazes me how many vivid colors are represented in flora!
Occasionally I like to reference classic literature and hymns. I love the way skilled author’s and hymn writers have such a masterful command of language.

Seen here are “Lush Woodbine”, “Wild Thyme”, “At the Morn”, “Nodding Violet”, and “On the Bank” all on Slope Sock (c)sweet mountain crafts used with permission

Question 3 – Do you employ any eco principles in your dyeing and/ or craft creations?
I enjoy working with American made products when I can and especially wool that has been raised close to me. I have yarn bases in most weights that come from sheep raised right here in Wyoming.

Seen here are “At the Morn”, “Gray”, “Dew-pearled Hillside”, and “At the Spring” all on WY Worsted (c)sweet mountain crafts used with permission

Question 4 – Where would we most likely find you when you aren’t behind a dye pot or packaging up the stunning results for your customers?
I spend a lot of time with my family. We love to chill together in the evenings watching shows and find outdoor adventures when the weather is decent. We also stay busy keeping our small hobby farm running. We have bees, chickens, pigs, goats, llamas, dogs, and cats. Someday soon, I hope to have some fiber animals on the property.

Question 5 – Your hexagon pouches are super! What gave you the idea to create a yarn pouch in this shape? How do you pick your fabrics?
Thank you! The hexagon is a shape I love for its incredibly intelligent design (check out this video for a fun description of the hexagon https://youtu.be/thOifuHs6eY ). It also represents my husband’s bees (he
is an apiarist) and the six of us in our family (2 parents, 4 kids). I just love this shape!
The fabrics tend to be whatever looks exciting and fun for me at the time. I also love to upcycle leather, that makes some of the best pouches. These are great for holding notions, coins, earbuds, and other small items.

Terran MKAL Prize reveal! (c)sweet mountain crafts used with permission

Question 6 – Puddles wonders what role your corgi and family play in Sweet Mountain Crafts?
So we actually have a black labrador retriever, Petey Barker, and our sweet Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Hero. Petey is 6 and Hero is just 1. They are both great to keep us moving most days, and Hero is such a sweet companion that loves to sleep at my feet as I work (sometimes he tries to spin yarn with me, too). He is actually our 16 yo son’s dog, but we all love him immensely.

Find Sweet Mountain Crafts around the web here:

Instagram , Pinterest , YouTube

Website/ Shop https://sweetmountaincrafts.com/

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