baby fawn

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It has been a season of frogs…

toad on driveway

No, not that kind 😉, the knitting kind – both in stitches and pattern writing.  But with a few tweaks, I’m back on a new schedule of stitch creation! 

Since the next release won’t be for a bit, I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the beauty God encourages me with on my constitutionals with Puddles 😊.  Or as Puddles likes to say, “remember to paws and smell the impatience.”
Puddles smelling the flowers

New Life

baby fawn baby fawn baby fawn

This little guy was just a few days old when he experienced his first photo shoot.

Wild Life

Puddles and Dorothy Puddles and Dorothy

Puddles got a pick me up when his girlfriend (who lives next door) came over to play. It’s a May / Decemeber romance 😉, but he does well to keep up with her!

Views from a far
Grandfather Mountain Grandfather Mountain

And up close
Peony Mountain Laurel Hydrangea Peony Hydrangea Peonies Hydrangea Geranium Iris Native Azalea

What beauty have you newly discovered?

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