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Though still with us when Camera mom and I shot Vertical Hiker Puddles didn’t come on the shoot.  On the hike back I took a little rest and remembered back to the time we hiked it together.

To my surprise when going through the photos for Puddles memorial, I came across this!

The first one Vertical Hiker I knit as a “thank you” from Puddles 🐾 to “the goat lady” 🐐. It was before we knew he was passing, and he wanted to say “thanks” to this gal. Goat milk was his absolute favorite treat! (And “treat” in the Great Dane dictionary is required at least once a day so we got goat milk by the gallon from her.) It’s the thing that he got up for in the morning and would do anything for. It was also the last taste he had here on earth as I used an eye dropper to give him his morning treat just before he breathed his last.

Puddles with goat milk on his nose
Human I got my goat milk!

These memories are so sweet to me.  Though sad, I hope you enjoy hearing the behind the design, too.  Head on over to the KAL thread on Slack (and thanks to VA Linette Ravelry) and cast on your Vertical Hiker.  Happy knitting!

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