Puddles ankle deep in water

Oceanic MKAL on You Tube

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Did you know there are 2 You Tube how-to’s for this MKAL: “Oceanic MKAL Initial Cast On Demonstration” & “Oceanic MKAL”? I know it is daunting diving into directions without knowing what you are knitting, so I wanted to provide extra help if you need it. Without giving too much of the pattern away, the first video is a short how-to of the initial modified I-cord cast on directions. You can watch that video here. And please forgive me – in an effort to cover both right handed and left handed knitters, I demonstrated both. I wholeheartedly admit that my left handed knitting skills are still developing, but I didn’t want to leave you lefties high and dry! So lefties after watching the intro, jump to 3:16 on the time bar. This was the best of the attempts, but I know I drop out of frame a few times.

The other video does a quick demonstration on the atypical stitch sequence used in the pattern. You should be familiar with the individual stitches used, but I wanted to demonstrate how they work in combination. This video also includes a few tips and tricks for working the pattern and getting consistent and even results.

Puddles ankle deep in water

Feel free to drop me a note or a comment in the Ravelry MKAL forum thread if you have any questions. ‘Til then this is your dive instructor saying “Happy Oceanic MKAL knitting!” and Puddles saying “Ready, Set, Dive – that prize is mine!”

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