Alternative Paths

Odds & Ends, and an Interview

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First off, I want to apologize for the hiccups with the mailchimp blog delivery lately. I hope it is all now fixed, but if you ever have any issues, please feel free to message me.

The Indie Design Gift-a-long continues to go strong! I was blessed to be interviewed by designer, Carolyn MacPherson, on her podcast, The Next Beautiful Thing. Interested in learning more about me & Puddles? Check it out here!

No Place Like Home WIP

“Dessert” knitting has more than one meaning!

I’m knitting one of Carolyn’s patterns as part of my “dessert” GAL knitting – if you are looking for quick and easy slippers this winter, check out her “No Place Like Home” design! You won’t be disappointed… I’m on to pair 3 because it is just so well written and such a great end of day relax before bed knit.

Cleaning up my stash, a while back, I came across lots of odds and ends – little balls less than 3 grams in weight. I didn’t want to throw them away (what’s eco about that?), so I inquired about ways to upcycle them. One of the suggestions was to convert them to pom poms, & boy have I had fun! I discovered a pom pom with a crocheted tie makes a super gifting wrapping alternative.
Pom Pom gift wrap
Then when I went to do “Alternating Paths” photo shoot, I French braided my hair and my mom mentioned it was a lot “meh” at the back with just the clear non-rubber rubber band. So we discovered another use for those poms!

Alternative Paths

Although a fabulous use of leftover yarn, the wind had other ideas and the French braid was lost to history. I kept the pom pom tie for the next time I wear the sweater though!

What are you favorite uses for scraps of yarn?

Finally some exciting news – my nephews are coming for Christmas!!! This wasn’t planned so it’s been a flurry of activity here preparing for their arrival. I will be taking a stay-cation during their visit, so if I drop off of social media, don’t worry, I’m having fun! It also means that my annual “what to expect next” will arrive in January, rather than at the end of the month… but do stay tuned, I’ve been planning it all year and am excited to reveal 2017’s theme!

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