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…Or What Puddles Would Knit If He Had Opposable Thumbs

Puddles dreams of knitting

With over 300 indie designers participating in the 4th annual Indie Design Gift-a-long it may seem overwhelming with all the pattern choices. Any pattern by any of the participating designers is eligible to knit/ crochet in the KAL/ CAL threads. Any paid-for (non-free) pattern is eligible to win prizes in the FO thread! So what is a knitter to do? Puddles to the rescue!

Puddles to the rescue!
Puddles to the rescue!
My dad is SO stiff because he was “modeling” his favorite hat… more on that below

Here is a list of patterns I recommend that I’ve personally knit (in GALs-by-gone, but also eligible this year) and were exciting on the needles and loved by the recipients off the needles!

Elia love those cables


Elia – by Julia Trice
My first ever GAL project!!! I absolutely LOVED the knitting process, all those wonderful cables – including ones that I was new to. I’m saving it for my next “first date” because it is so elegant, I just imagine wearing it on a future first date! …now just to find the guy God has for me.

Earhart hat


Earhart – by Kimberly Voisin
Okay this one was knit in the summer… but it is by a GAL designer & thread mod! I loved it so much, I knit several and then packed them off to the shelter.

Jenn in Medici

Medici Hat – by Nina Machlin Dayton
Designed by our fearless leader and GAL admin, Nina, my sister wears Medici Hat every time she visits and loves that she can truly “vacation” and throw all her unruly curls into the hat and no one is the wiser!

Dad in Squid Hill Hat

Squib Hill Hat – by Nina Machlin Dayton
My dad LOVED his Squib Hill Hat SO much he asked me to knit him a second one so he’d always have one on hand and could keep one in his car. The best thing about Squib Hill Hat, in his words, is “it completely covers my earlobes!”. Simple and addictive, these hats don’t require too much concentration, which makes for excellent family time knitting.

N in weathervane
Moo in weathervane

Weathervane – by Sara Gresbach
One for each precious nephew.

To tell them apart I added a bobble to my mini me’s hat. This is one of my all time favorite photos of him & the hat too

Neck Things – Cowls:

dad in book club cowl

Bookclub Cowl – by Simone Kereit
Wanting to match Puddles snood, I knit dad a Book Club Cowl. I loved learning a new technique while knitting!!! He loves that it keeps the chill far, far away.

Puddles in Lakewood

Lakewood – by Jessica K. Larson
One of my first GAL projects and one I still love, designed by mod extraordinaire, GooseBearKnits. I learned a new cast on and really enjoyed watching the design develop! After Puddles finished modeling it went to my sister :-).

mom's neckwarmer

Ninetta Neckwarmer – by Nina Machlin Dayton
Loved by mom in the bitterest of cold due to its super unfathomable warmth, what I loved best was the stories Nina included in the pattern… it made Christmas come alive on the needles!

Puddles in Rian

Rian Cowl – by Loraine Birchall
I knit this for my aunt whom we had not seen since I was 2 years old. After a long absence it was so nice to welcome her back to the family with organic cotton and an elegant lace work pattern, which was delightful to knit. Loraine’s new to the mod squad this year, but a frequent GAL-er.

My list would go on and on if I had the time! There are SO many wonderful designs & designers taking part in GAL2016. I hope these recommendations of patterns I’ve knit will help you find the perfect present for those knitworthy in your life! Happy Knitting!!

And if you aren’t part of the 4th annual Indie Design Gift-a-long – join in here!

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  1. Hi Lindsey, adorable pictures, they always inspire! Thank you for sharing them. Your nephews so cute an d your dad so patient. Great to have a family so happy around you. And the designs? Yes it is so difficult to choose which one. It is a bit overwhelming for me., but also so inspiring to see all the goods which are made with just some yarn, needles, and lots of love through hands that never rest….

    1. Post

      I am blessed by such a loving family, Els :-). If you are having trouble deciding what to knit, pop into the chat thread and tell us what yarn you want to use and what item… there are tons of people ready with suggestions & great at narrowing it down. I also like to ask personal questions about the intended recipient – like their style choices, etc. and I find that really narrows the list of options to that perfect gift quickly!

    1. Post

      Thanks Eiskristall! And the same to you – may you have lots of people knitting your gorgeous shawl designs & have fun in the chats too. I saw that recommendation on how to advance your skills that you did in the shawl thread using different patterns – fantastic idea!

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