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In this digital age, it’s sometimes funny how you met people and become friends. I first noticed Leslie as the girl with the eye behind my fellow indie, Talitha Kuomi’s, pattern photography. We struck up a conversation and low and behold I discovered photography wasn’t her only knitting peripheral. She also just opened an Etsy shop.

(c)Leslie – source Facebook. Used with permission.

Please join me in saying “hi” to Leslie as we learn about her new crafty start-up in this 2nd of 3 CIA Cowl MKAL blog interviews!

stitch markers on WIP
(c)Leslie – source Instagram. Used with permission.

Q1. Amazing photographer & talented knitter, how did you happen into the world of stitch markers?

I happened into the “World of Stitch Markers” by having so many different beads and charms leftover from jewelry making in the past 10 years, that I decided to make some “Shiny, Happy Stitch Markers” to brighten up my knitting and make it fun. There’s nothing like seeing a fun little superhero symbol or something decorative on your crochet or knitting project.

eclectic stitch markers
(c)Leslie – source Instagram. Used with permission.

Q2. Congratulations on starting your Etsy shop! You have a very eclectic collection of custom stitch markers. Where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you, Lindsay! Inspiration strikes mainly from movies, tv shows, books, music, holidays, home, and nature. Pretty much anything can inspire me at any time. Sometimes, I will wake up in the middle of the night and have-to write an idea down. I may take a quick photo and write up a memo for later on my phone. I never know when something will come to mind.

beach view
(c)Leslie – source Instagram. Used with permission.

Q3. Will you be incorporating your photography into your stitch markers?

I take all the photos for my stitch markers either with my phone or my dslr. I am always finding different ways to show them creatively whether this be at the beach on an old quilt, or with papers. This way I can express not only my love for jewelry making but, also composition in photos. I see so many generalized photos that show the product, but do not have the texture that people like me crave to see. I know personally that I like to see some depth rather than generic photos taken for a product. Photography has been something that I have loved ever since I was young. I remember being so impressed with Polaroids when I was around 3 or 5 years old. My Stepfather, Weldon was the one who instructed me how to line up my snaps and show others what I see. I used my Canon Rebel 35mm SLR, that I received around my 19th birthday, until the shutter went out on me. I have been told that I have the “eye” by a couple of teachers in the past. In mid-May, I finally bought myself a new Canon Rebel DSLR and was so excited I cried for the next two hours. I have taken around 4K photos so far in the last month.

Q4. Puddles species to species question. Please introduce us to your 2 pups and kitty. What role do they play in your small business?

Emma, our golden lab/husky mix, is a rescue. She came into our family in December of 2005. We absolutely love her. Even during her first 2 years with us, when she would go into our closet and take one shoe of mine of each pair and chew it to pieces. Em, my nickname for her, is my husband’s dog for sure. When Chris was on deployment in Iraq during 2007/2008, she was so lost. I am sure that you have seen the many videos of when Vets see their dogs again for the first time. She gets like that every time he’s gone for a few days. She loves us all, but Daddy’s her favorite.

Reesie, our chihuahua/yorkie mix, was given to us by a woman who could not keep her on Craigslist of all things. She has been my little girl since June of 2009. I used to dress her up in little t-shirts for dogs and put her in bags while she was small. Now, we just hang out around the house since my little “protector” is getting older and cannot handle big trips out too much. Reesie has the most hilarious hair. When it is long, she has a little “mane”. When she sleeps, her tongue is usually out also.

Maggie the tabby
(c)Leslie – source Instagram. Used with permission.

Maggie, our gray tabby cat is also a rescue. I became Maggs’ Mama when she came into our family in December of 2009. Maggie was named after the little girl ‘Maggie Taylor’ (actress, Mae Whitman) from ‘One Fine Day’. Her journey to us was not the easiest. We had just finished babysitting our friend’s cat, Tinker, that looked almost identical to Maggie. My husband went to work after Tinker went back home, and a co-worker stated that she was taking care of some kittens that had been left in a box on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Her fiancé was allergic to cats and she needed to find the kittens home soon. Chris came home and said I was getting one of my Christmas presents early the next day. Last year when I was injured, Maggs was right by my side. She is my constant little companion while I am at home. I might add that she is a total bed-hog! She will only sleep at the end of my side and likes to sprawl out.

While these three do not technically help me out with work, they are sure fun to love on and often make me laugh.

Find Leslie around the world wide web at the following places:
Ravelry: Blue-EyedCrafty
Etsy: BlueEyedCrafty
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

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