Baywatch Puddles

Plunging in and soaring out of deep water

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garden hoarfrost
Not all designs come from the trips to exotic locales, hoarfrost articulating the last surviving plant life, or even the interesting way light dances upon the fall leaves. Some designs are inspired by the mundane, the necessary, the painful, and the low rumbling hum drum of life.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Or in the casebook of knitters, when yarn gives you leftovers make a beret!
when yarn gives you leftovers knit a beret

And that’s exactly the catalyst behind Deep Waters Beret. I had a cavity, UGH, and was in the midst of growing out my untamed hair, double UGH. So with the 50 grams of leftover yarn from Oceanic, I decided to design a beret to subdue those unruly strands while my cavity was filled.

Afterwards, I discovered I really loved the design. It was quick to knit and was surprisingly cool in the 85+ degree temperatures on the dreaded day.

pre dentist fiber fill up

You can’t get a cavity filled without an extra dose of fiber along the way! Black Mountain Yarn Shop is perfectly situated between me and my dentist 🙂

With nothing but scorchers in the forecast, I thought how fun it would be to pair this fun design with teaching Puddles how to swim for the first time.

Enjoy the outtakes!

Lake Watauga

Lake Watauga just over the State line in Tennessee.

Door Puddles

Puddles, it is just water!  You know you make a better door than a window… this photo shoot is about the beret, remember?

Puddles hiding

Puddles, the camera is the other way! Stop hiding behind your human and smile for the camera.

follow the leader

Puddles sez: Okay I’ll go get that stick, but only if you come with me!

too deep

Puddles sez: TOO DEEP, human!!! My chest might get wet.

soaking human

Puddles sez: payback time – I saved the stick and soaked my human in the process… swimming isn’t so bad after all.

Baywatch Puddles

Baywatch has nothing on Puddles. Despite his fear, he rescued the stick!!!   …all by himself (or so he’d like you to think.  I was still in the water with him, just too far to the left, but that will be our little secret.)

Puddles tree

Puddles sez: now this is my idea of a good stick reward… and it’s all mine!

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