meanwhile in maine digging footers

Proportional Design

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To the bat cave, batman!  The next step is to take the data mined from swatching and plug it into excel and illustrator.  One of the design elements that is very important to the brand of “Knit Eco Chic” is proportional design elements. 

So, I sketch out the Medium first (since that’s my base size) and then the small and large.  I use a 10% scale and then do a locked ratio size increase to blow it up (or rather, I just zoom in, but that’s not so easy for you all to do reading this).

For this design it’s the back center panel that is the main design element.

Analyzing the sketch – 2 things pop out. 

I’ll have to watch when it comes to the armscye on the Size Small especially.  Since the end of the line includes the shaping and it is well below the S and might touch the M too.  The L increases should happen after the first pattern repeat is completed.

Second thing to watch is the amount of “blank” space on the Large on the left and right of the center detail.  In this case, I’m happy with the amount beyond the neck it covers, so won’t be changing up the stitch count for the stitch detail, but may be adjusting the number of stitches involved in the edging to the center back panel to bring the “blank” space more in line with the Medium.

What do I mean by “watch” – I see how the numbers develop in excel.

The view South standing at the back (North) of the house

Meanwhile in Maine… get out the shovels!  The diggers are digging out for the foundation and footers today!!

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