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Puddles 100th Pattern Dash Event

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When I started publishing back in November 2011, I never imagined God would bless me with 100 designs! As I near that number, Puddles and I thought it’d be fun to have a celebration along the way. The next release, number 95, kicks off Puddles 100th pattern dash event!

Puddles 100th Pattern Dash Event

Puddles running
Ready, set, GO!

What’s Puddles 100th Pattern Dash? A pattern celebration in which each release leading up to 100 will come with a special deal!

5 to go, Puddles
95th The first up, the pre-sale of this year’s annual MKAL featuring hand dyed organic cotton and bamboo fingering weight yarn from The Unique Sheep. To celebrate 100, Puddles and I will be posting the pattern at 50% off until the MKAL begins late in July.

snoozing Puddles
Puddles knows ALL competitions start off with a good sleep first! Likewise, the MKAL design will be taking a little snooze between it’s pre-release sale tomorrow and the event kick off. (And yes, that’s my boy sound asleep as I work on my own MKAL sample!)

Naughty Digits – like Solar Flare and Oceanic before it, this year’s MKAL was inspired by the elements and comes with three “personalize it” design options! If you’re wanting to match the colors in my sample, I picked “Mirror of Reason” colorway on Green Sheep (organic) Cotton Bamboo Fingering from The Unique Sheep. Remember to order the yarn sooner rather than later, Kelly needs about 6 weeks for dyeing and delivery!

4 to go, Puddles

Puddles and Lindsay
Puddles minutes before the wild runner shot at the start of the blog ;-).

96th The second in our summer series of easy transportable knits, June Blooms, will be released next week. Inspired by my gramma’s dying words to me – keep knitting; keep designing – this design holds such a special place in my heart. Partnering with Diane from Eco-Stitch, the design features her Sport weight linen on large needles for an extra airy appeal, shown in Cloud Grey and Hot Pink. Along with June Bloom’s release, Puddles will put together a bundle of patterns that will all be 25% off during the first week of June Blooms’ release!

3 to go, Puddles
97th Like the 96th, Puddles will bundle together some pattern favorites to place on 25% off during the first week of this pattern’s release. Plus, this pattern officially kicks off our 3 to go countdown! It is a secret project that comes with a yarn collaboration. I can’t say much about the design or what company the yarn is from, but can tell you this design will come with a separate PDF with a super-secret code!

Puddles tensioning yarn
Puddles is really growing in his yarn tensioning abilities during this dash!

Patterns 98 and 99 are still in the works so more details will be available closer to their publications. Yes, I know, it’s odd that my 100th is ready to go, but the ones prior to it aren’t. But hey, I’m a creative; since when did we ever take the normal route?

How the 3 to go countdown works

Purchase the 97th, 98th, and/or 99th pattern and each design will contain a PDF with a special word. String these words together in Ravelry’s coupon code slot to get the 100th for free!! Or if the design isn’t to your knitting pleasure, you can apply your free code to any active design in my shop.

So if you purchase just one of the three leading up to 100, you’ll get 33% off the 100th (or pattern of choice). If you purchase two, combine the words to get 66% off the 100th (or pattern of choice). If you purchase all three, combine the words to get 100% off the 100th (or pattern of choice).

Thank you all so much for your support over these 8 years of publication!! Happy dashing!!

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