Puddles in Je Ne Sais Quoi

Puddles Spring Summer Round Up

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Batten the hatches, check the generator, trim the trees back from the house, and stock the pantry with food for both humans and GDCSJ. Yes, this week has been a “check list” in prep for Hurricane Florence. Anyone else in hurricane mode with us? I’m delighted to see it’s down to a category 2, but know that it is still a threat so I’m ready with projects to snuggle it out with this guy! He doesn’t look to scared at all ?.

Puddles snuggling in safe and secure!
Yes, I am knitting my Christmas sweater so on go the Christmas PJs to help set the mood – it’s actually H.O.T. hot outside!

Before we head full force into cold weather knits, let’s “paws” and recap the year thus far.

Landfall photo with Puddles

Landfall Shawl – designed in honor of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, looks like this is the shawl of the moment with Florence threatening! An easy knit for when you’re distracted, the cool edging happens at the end with fun short rows and garter stitch ?. Sample shown in Birdies Knits organic cotton

Puddles WIP and dessert

Awakening – after the winds die down and the rain subsides, a new day will dawn calling for fresh stitches. Awakening is another for you short row lovers – time to get on your short row swing as you start with a long cast on and work your way to larger and larger arcs. Sample shown in Eco Stitch hand dyed linen sport

Puddles in outdoor studio

Outdoor Studio – when the sun shines bright, head back out doors with a cool asymmetrical cowl design. Cables and lace are complimented with a bind of as you go cable edge. Sample shown in The Unique Sheep’s organic cotton petite DK

Puddles in Je Ne Sais Quoi

Je Ne Sais Quoi – what can I say about this shawl? Beads, stripes, picots, and BOWTs… all of my favorites in one easy to wear design. Speaking of wearing, I accidently washed my sample with hydrogen peroxide in the load and learned, plant dyes are not hydrogen peroxide proof, like acid dyes. BUT, the color turned from purple to brown and mom quickly snatched it up to call her own. Sample shown in Vegan Yarn Capella

Tranquil River worn like a shawl with Puddles

Tranquil River – soothing stitches in an easy rectangular wrap. Amaze those non-knitters around you with, yes, I did knit this! Sample shown in Eco Stitch hand dyed linen sport

Boscage with Puddles

Boscage – sneaking in under the guise of summer, this cowl is perfect for changing weather. Part lace, part Stockinette stitch with a no-finishing-required nubby edging, hide out in the boscage while the sun continues to blaze and be ready for the crisp climes ahead. Sample shown in Shibui Knits Fern

2018 lake breeze shoot
Sorry, no way Puddles is fitting into this one!

Lake Breeze Tank – would I ever finish this design? Many a week this pattern threatened disaster like Hurricane Florence, but I’m relieved to say “yes” – with help and cheerleading from lots of you, I faced my own personal hatred, a complete re-write and lived to tell the tale. Texture accentuates your waist with an all over diamond pattern while the open stepped neckline brings freshness to your stitches. Sample shown in Americo Originals Cotton Flamme

Lots of fun is lined up for the next coming months, including a few new platform options and a fall shawl IG KAL on this year’s “chic” release! ‘Til then, grab your favorite summer knits and Puddles and I will see you after the storm passes ?. Happy knitting!

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