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My companion and joy, one of God’s best temporal blessings in this life, our GDCJ, the branch manager of monumental size branches, my Great Dane knitting “blanket”, my sweet boy would have been 10 years old today.  Instead, he is running free on the rainbow bridge with my first Great Dane, Cheeky, his cousin, and Osgoode, Chudleigh, and Pumpkin. 

A rainbow touch the sky where he lay a few weeks before he crossed the bridge

Puddles ~ Puddleglum
January 6, 2012
December 20, 2021
Son of Pi (Sterling Danes) and Eden (Charlestown Animal Hospital, NH)

Puddles Favorite Saying
In the Great Dane dictionary, “spoiled” is defined as being treated as a Great Dane ought to be treated 😉

Puddles Commands – over a 100 of ‘em
*known in both English and sign

5 more minutes (aka wait)
10 minutes in the sin bin
Absolutely not
Ah-ah (a prelude to no)
All done* (playtime is over)
Allez (walk in the same general direction as me)*
All the way in (for come when instead of coming to my side he comes all the way in for a hug)*
Are you cold?
Bath/ time to bathe Puddles
Be gentle with old people (when he played tug too hard)
Big stretches
Brierly Pat-tootie rub
Bring it to me / bring me your rope, ball, stick, etc.
Carry / carry it*
Catch (into my arms for a big bear hug)*
Catch Up (and when he wasn’t listening, followed by Mustard and Relish to which he came a galloping)
Do you want a fire
Do you want some… fill in the food name, then on your chair
Do you want your breakfast
Down and Around
(Food words) apple, banana, beef, blueberries, cookies, cornflakes, cucumber, goat cheese, goat’s milk, lemon jello, parsley, pear, pumpkin (fresh and canned), pork, rice cakes, sea snacks (yes, he insisted on sharing my veggie sushi!), sweet potato, sun butter, yogurt, watermelon
Foos* (aka heel)

Gentle (when taking food from my hand)
Go find it… (ball, stick, bong bong toy, antler, cookie, etc.)
Go find Lindsay
Go get gramma
Go night night
Go potty
Go swimming
Good morning
Help momma
Hot & Cold game (hot, hotter, hottest, boiling, cold, colder, coldest, icicles)
Icy (aka slippery)
It’s okay, mommy/ gramma’s just getting a bug (somepawdy hated the vacuum)
It’s snowing!!! / It snowed!!! (aka let’s go play at the first crack of light in our pjs)
Lap sit
Leave it*
Let’s do qi gong
Let’s get your ears (after a bath)
Let’s go for a walk
Let’s go skiing
Let’s go to church
Let’s go to work
Load up
Mine (when I wasn’t sharing my plate with him)/ that’s mommy’s
Mangé (eat)
Mommy be right back (aka stay)
Mommy’s (gramma/ grandpa) gentle (when we had to clean near his eye, nose, or get a tick and he had to stay still)
Mommy’s going potty (aka get out)
Mommy’s dressed
Mommy saved you some (he had to stop interest in my meal to get the reward)

Oh my goodness look at the size of that stick!
On your chair*
“Or” statements (do this or that will happen & do you want this or that)
Puddle Cuddles
Shh (hand sign only)
Shake ‘n Bake (for the nose to tail shake after a long nap)
Speak (hand sign only)
Switch& (turn to the other side in the bathe)
Take a rest (the command he picked up in the last few months of his life when he needed a break but didn’t want to take one)
That is NOT a toy!
There’s nothing for you
Timber (his favorite and mine!)
Unacceptable / that is unacceptable / unacceptable behavior
Up and Over (aka jump the fence)
Up Up
W (aka walk)
Walk like a gentleman
Weheehee (to shake on command after a bath rather than soaking me before I had the towel ready)
What’s gramma/ grandpa got
Where is it (treats)* (aka hide and seek)
Where’s your… ball, stick, bong bong toy, antler Where’s… Lindsay, Grandma, Grandpa, Dorothy

What God used Puddles to teach me

How to love well and love fully
Waiting for God’s provision is well worth it
Partial obedience is still disobedience
Creation is for His glory and our enjoyment… daily
God’s timing is perfect
God’s grace is sufficient always

Puddles, photos through the years

I have hundreds (or more) so tried to pick never before seen ones of his life with us, rather than knitting specific.  Well photographed and even more loved, but not shown for Internet reasons, Puddles with camera mom, camera dad, and his skin cousins.  Even after reducing from all to my favorite (508) it was more than wordpress would permit.  So filtered once again to highlight all the love of Puddles.

Stories scattered throughout.


Puddleglum’s Nicknames

Boo Boo
Fire hog
Jaws and Paws (also a game where he’d roll on his back and I had to blow raspberries on his tummy while avoiding the jaws and paws)
Mr. P / Master P
Oh my bunny
Pinesol (for when he selected pine branches to carry)
Silly Green Bean on Toast with Extra Silly Sauce (for when he was carrying HUGE branches at full speed)
Snuggly Cuddly Puddly Boo
You goof

Online – GDCJ – Great Dane in Charge of Spreading Joy / “The Branch Manager” / “The Flying Nun” / Puds


Puddles songs

Night – I’m Singing in the Rain
Morning – This is the Day the Lord Has Made.  1st verse as originally written, 2nd verse as follows:
You are the Dane, You are the Dane that He (God) gave to me, that He gave to me.  To bring us joy and lots of love every single day, every single day.  You are the Dane that He gave to me.  To bring us joy and lots of love.  So let us praise, our God Alpha (because God is the Alpha and the Omega) every single day together.


The sock thief!  Puddles had plenty of toys with which to initiate play, but one of his favorite cheeky ways was to steal my socks, especially first thing in the morning.  If he thought I ought to be awake he would sneak over and grab one from my clothes for the day and bolt, ears flying and tail wagging.  Occasionally I woke up to find him laying on his mat sock under paw with great puppy gusto pulling and stretching the socks in all directions, then cocking his head as if to say, “well, it’s about time you woke up, I stole your sock forever ago and you failed to bolt from bed and chase.  Now just try to get it back, human!”  But most of the time it was concealed in his Great Dane sized mouth with just a tiny bit out for me to grab hold of.  Funny enough before he was even a glimmer in Eden’s eye, I wrote a short story about a sock stealing Dane who leaped over a sofa in order to escape being caught.  Years later, Puddles brought that story to life!  Camera mom and I are still astonished that he could leap a sofa… sock in mouth!!


My protector – we had an “open and enter” unknown “visitor” when Puddles was a puppy (almost fully grown) and he charged down the hall to the door barking his big boy bark and scared the man back outside… sweating with fear.  Turns out he was a first responder with the wrong house (and no uniforms here).  We stopped leaving the door unlocked after that but were very glad for Puddles’ natural protective instincts.  He also helped me out with my illness and would tell me time is up on the computer by laying his head upon my hands when he smelled the chemical change in my body.  The weight of which literally made it impossible to continue.  His outdoor protection was helpful but less trustworthy as he would keep me away from scented people unless a dog was present.  He would walk in front of me and do “recall” checks with a long invisible leash.  If he happened upon gas or a scented product, he’d return and sit down where I should not pass or turn us all the way home.


The Branch Manager – The longest stick “of substantial width” we measured at 9 feet long!  The widest was like that of a base of a tree!  Oh, how that boy loved his sticks!!! He also loved cleaning the bark off, pouncing on the stick, ripping at the bark, and shaking his head wildly with each successful removal.


Up and Over – his favorite outdoor command had to be up and over… fence hopping.  With stick in mouth, in the snow, in the summer, up hill or down, when there was a barrier the best way past was with the joyful leaps up and over.


Fire Hog – it wasn’t just Puddles who learned commands, he taught us a few too!  He used his eye and head to indicate what he wanted.  From eyes looking from his spot on his chair longingly over to the sofa when he wanted a “Puddle Cuddle”, to the cock of the head that said, “I’m sure it’s 10:30 why aren’t we walking yet?” his communication skills were top notch.  My favorite each winter was “put on a fire” where he would look at the wood pile, then at the fireplace, and then at the nearest human.  He’d repeat this sequence until the nearest human figured out it was time for a fire!  If we were being particularly dense, a rare bark might even be heard.  He was a very determined little boy, especially when it came to having a fire. In addition to getting things he wanted, he also communicated to get things he needed.  He was extremely stoic (having even broken his back in his youth unknown to any of us until x-rays in his senior years).  If he needed a homeopathy he’d walk and stand and stare at the drawer where they were kept.  When I moved them to the windowsill or table, he would update his communication and walk to wherever it was placed and stare turning back to me and back to the bottle.  He’d walk to the fridge to get his favorite morning goat milk.  He’d walk to the laundry room when he was hungry.  He’d play bow and grab toys to initiate fun times trying all the toy options until he found the one I wanted to play with too.  If I was out of sight for too long and I’d told him not to follow… he’d bark 😉. 


Puddles 10 Best Attributes – Loving! Playful, Velcro, Contented, Exuberant (especially outside in the snow), Loyal (other dogs were fine to play with, but family was me, camera mom, camera dad, and the occasional visit of the skin cousins), Honorable (he took his “10 minutes in the sin bin” punishments like a man… pouting but obediently), Protective, Cuddly, Joyful (except when morose… he really was like Puddleglum in CS Lewis’ “The Silver Chair” when fun hadn’t been had… ie it rained)


Puddles, the foodie – he loved so many foods, but definitely knew the difference between mine and his.  I could eat while he was in his “Great Dane blanket” position without him drooling.  Even his favorites, so long as I told him what was on my plate and whether it was all mine or I had saved him some, he ignored it.  Some of the “odd” ones for dogs, matcha and lemon jello!  Maybe it was the dairy that first gave him a taste for green tea powder, but whatever it was he would go ga-ga for matcha.  Lemon jello too – he always licked out the bowl and would give such a face if he didn’t hear the “mommy saved you some” command to stop begging when it came out the fridge.  He drew the line at me adding ginger to it though 😉.


Joining me just 4 months after I started publishing, Puddles has been an integral part of Knit Eco Chic!  God blessed me beyond description when He created this precious beast.  I did my best to live up to Proverbs 12:10a (the righteous care for their animals) with His grace and help.  He is so very missed, but I am so very thankful.  Thank you for letting me share his life with you!

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  1. I think my beautiful Golden Boys, Jake and Jesse, were there at the end of the bridge to greet him to the land of most beloved pets. Many hugs for you and some tears too…

    1. Post

      aw, thank you so much Betty! I love thinking of the host of internet furbabies he is running free with on the bridge ((hugs)).

  2. Thank you so so much for sharing Puddles with us. I am sending you so many hugs and I hope this amazing trove of beautiful memories can serve as some comfort. We will all remember Puddles as definitely the goodest dog.

    1. Post
  3. So I’m so sorry to hear about puddles 😢. So many sweet stories, great photos and lovely memories. Sending hugs and prayers for comfort 💙

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Sarah. God is being faithful in His comforting… and He created the best Puddles possible!

    1. Post
  4. Oh my love I’m so so so terribly sorry, cause I know that we know that their time here with us is very fast, but still we get hurt with their passage. Love so much Puddles, and he has a place in my heart. But what conforts me, is that we all will meet again in another space and place.
    Lots of kisses in your heart.

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  5. Puddles was truly a magnificent dog and companion. Your photos are wonderful and they will surely keep his memory alive.

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  6. So very sorry to hear about Puddles, the loss is a great one. I literally feel your pain, my Gracie passed December 27th, 2021. I am bereft. So grateful for the time we had together, but still so sorry for myself. Which is ok. Grief and mourning are also a natural part of love. Just take care of yourself, I am left feeling just so tired, which is probably partially depression and grief, but also part of being at lose ends. I am not needed the same way any more, and there is something missing in nearly every minute of the day. I remind myself this is normal, its because I was so blessed and so loved, spend some time with those memories, let them be the blessings that they are, and take a deep breath, turn my attention completely to the next thing and get on with my day.

    I’m sure you are feeling so many of the same conflicting things, sending you love, hugs, and understanding ❤ Puddles was such a sweetheart and will be remembered and missed.

      1. Post
    1. Post

      oh Andrea, I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie! ((HUGS)) God broke the mold with both of them. Thank you ((hugs)).

  7. Dearest Lindsay, I do feel sad for you and know how much you will miss the Puddle cuddles and all the other wonderful things, but you give such a beautiful tribute in your gratitude for the gift that He was and God’s provision for your needs. The joy that you and Puddles have brought to me is very special and it would be hard to pick a favorite photo! Much love to you and Camera Mom and Dad.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Kerstin. I’m slowly getting back into knitting, but am missing my “blanket” for sure! God is walking me through the grief with His presence.

  8. Oh, no. There are no words. I know what a test it’s been these past few months, and I can only hope he’s found peace and is once again, whole and well. I just know he’s finding all the best “sticks” on the other side of the bridge. Puddles is a good boy and will be there waiting.
    Tears, virtual hugs, and small dog/big dog cuddles to you, Lindsay. We’re thinking of you and Puddles. Thank you for sharing him whenever I needed a smile.

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  9. Lindsay,
    Kasey, Chloe and Sweet Pea and us are so sorry for your loss. (We lost Dibbie 12.6.21) We know they are happy rejoicing and romping in Glory. The girls loved to follow him and send woofs. We will miss him. We are so sadden for you and your family. We are grateful for the gift God shared with you through him. Thank you for sharing him. Prayers and hugs.
    Katherine and paws friends ❤

    1. Post

      I’m so sorry to hear about Dibbie ((HUGS)). I’m sure Puddles and Dibbie are running together… or maybe even doing some puppy downward dogs ;-). Thank for your sweet words.

  10. Lindsay, Thank you for sharing Puddles sweet short life with us. I always looked forward to seeing Puddles in your many pictures over the years. When I lost my two Japanese Chins (Angel and Lady) within a four month span I thought my heart would break in two. Then a friend told me that dog was actually God spelled backwards and their lives are so short because they already know how to love unconditionally something that takes us decades to learn. Puddles was full of love for you and was so very lucky to have you in his life. My deepest and most sincere condolences to you.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Darlene, what a sweet story that is about learning the lesson of love. ((HUGS)) to you for Angel and Lady’s passing.

  11. Oh Lindsay, I am so sorry. I loved getting to know Puddles through your blog. This compilation of photos with different fun stories and Puddles fasvorite things is wonderful. They leave us too fast.

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  12. Lindsay,

    My heart is with you. You & Puddles shared so much & were truly meant to be together. I always loved seeing his personality shining through in the pictures & your words. I always felt like he was my long distance buddy. Thank you for sharing him with us over the years & so personally in this blog post & many wonderful pictures. He will be deeply missed. I know he’s finding the largest branches over the rainbow bridge.

    1. Post
  13. Puddles was not only God’s gift to you but a character! Joy is evident in all of your pictures. Thank you for sharing your sweet friend with all of us! ❤😥🙏

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  14. Our family are so sorry to hear about Puddles, I hope all your beautiful memories bring you comfort. Danes leave such a big hole in our lives when they pass. Best wishes to you all from Treacledane xx

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