Ravelry Highlight: Nin Designs

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The budding designer’s group on Ravelry is a great place for meeting other budding designers & finding cool offers.  This one, from Nin Leavitt, was just too good to let pass: an offer for tech editing by a budding tech editor!

Nin Leavitt (KeswickArtsCrafts) was gracious enough to give a second set of eyes to Cable Berry Cowl.  She was thorough in her examination and found several “whoops” before publication.  She checked the front matter, written directions, charted directions, and most importantly that the written directions matched the charted directions.

So if you are a designer with a non-sweater challenge that will help her grow, take Nin up on her offer!  You won’t be disappointed. Nin’s done her homework, taken several classes, & is purposefully expanding her experience in order to be fully prepared for her budding tech editing business. With her sharp eye for detail & determination to fully prepare for her future business, she’s sure to be a great tech editor when she formally launches.

In addition to a budding tech editor, she’s also a budding designer.  My favorites Nin Designs patterns are “Colonnade Cowl” due to the architectural inspiration and connotation and “Roses For Margaery: Game of Thrones” due to the extremely cool pattern.

Colonnade Cowl
Roses For Margaery: Game of Thrones

You can find Nin in the following on Ravelry here: Nin Designs.  She also has a blog, facebook page, pinterest, twitter, and etsy shop.

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