Ravelry’s Bundling: Uncage the O

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There is a side of me that I keep buried deep, deep, deep down. I inherited it from my mother. When it rears its ugly head, my life of perfect creative clutter gets wiped clean and I can’t find a thing. The nastiness is known as “organization” to many, but “death to creativity” to me. The “dreaded O” is forced upon my office twice annually, but remains well-tamed the rest of the time. Unless, that is, something wonderful causes it to break free of the cage. Last week, Ravelry released a tool that unlocked the monster.

The “dreaded O” appeared in full furry, gobbling up the “bundling” code. Yes, I had plans for my Saturday, but the new bundling tool activated the “dreaded O” and nothing was to be done except bundling. Reluctantly, I gave in and surrendered my plans and bundled, bundled, bundled, bundled, and bundled once more.

bundle screen shot

That little button, added with a short snippet of code, expands to show a filing cabinet of list potentials (added by the user).

bundle screen shot2

I squealed with joy about the bundling on Twitter as I watched my Ravelry designer’s page receive much needed cataloging and organization.

bundle screen shot3

Currently, only 4 show on my designer page. Although I’ve created 5.

bundle screen shot4

But by clicking the “bundle” button on the upper right hand bar, you can see all publically shared bundles!

So if your heart goes a flutter with organization too, whether secretly or passionately, check out the bundles on Lindsay Lewchuk’s designer page for the following categories:
Spring Summer

If you are a Ravelry designer and want to bundle too, here is the shopkeeper’s link with the short code. If you are a Ravelry user and want to bundle too, TPTB (the powers that be) forecasts this tool being released for all, but no date is given yet.

In closing, I want to give a shot out to TPTB over at Ravelry who coded this wonderful feature into existence. Thank you so much – you made my shop an organized place!

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