Remembering Dr Ross Rhoads

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In loving memory of Dr. Ross Rhoads 1932-2017.

Dr. Rhoads baptized me as a public declaration of my personal faith back in 1994. It was a trip to remember, from the celebratory to the down right cheeky. When we enjoyed breakfast together, he stuffed his cheese and jam into his poor little croissant with such vigor, I exclaimed, “cram it all in there, Dr. Rhoads.” The joy we shared over how others perceive our common traits is something to remember. On Mount Masada he poured ice cold water down my back – in order to cool me off, or so he said. But I was suspicious! My fears were later confirmed in Switzerland where is confederate in crime jammed snow down my shirt! In complete obedience to the advice of my elders, I repaid the architect in kind and scurried out of reach just as the frozen snow hit his spinal cord. (sadly the act wasn’t caught on film). But his shock and joy were! Dr. Rhoads had the best smile and such a kind heart. He even deigned to grant me an interview for one of my elementary school papers. The Holy Spirit used him greatly in witnessing to others the saving grace of Jesus’ Christ. Best known as co-founded to SES (southern evangelical seminary), pastor of Calvary church, and his work at Samaritan’s Purse, I will remember him fondly for his long bird walking sermons that always ended up in the last few minutes tying all the bits together into a grand story / teaching! Until we meet again in eternity, my prayers for your surviving family.

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