Meanwhile in Maine collage hawk and schematic

Schematics and Settling In

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Drilling down the math and crafting the schematics.  This cocoon style sweater posed some schematic design decisions.  Do I show it open or closed.  With sleeves, with 1 sleeve, or as a vest?  And how to show that huge fold over collar??

A trend lately has been to use letters on the schematics and keep the numbers in a table.  I explored this method a few years back, but after some input from industry professionals, kept the standard numbers on the sketch method.  I’m not sure how I’ll place the numbers yet.  Which do you prefer?

Meanwhile in Maine Update

It is with great joy and excitement that I share this cross-post blog with you.  As 26th anniversary of the day that started my life with EI past earlier this week, I’m so thankful to be looking forward to how God will use these years of experience with it to His glory.  The most exciting news is we’re settling in up at the healthy home in Maine!! It’s been a 4-year journey from land purchase to move-in. One of my doctors asked me to write an article about the changes experienced upon arriving.  You can read “When Moving Helps” on his blog here: Dr. Overberg’s “Living with Environmental Illness or Chemical Sensitivity”. (

Beautiful sunset
One of the things that struck me immediately is how the quality of light is different here than in NC. Much less “blue haze” than I’m used to seeing!

Here are a few pictures from the last 7 weeks!  Such a short time here and I’ve already got so many stories to share.  The 20-hour non-stop drive up that greeted us with the start of a snow storm that finished with 18” of beautiful snow on a sunny day and felt like a giant “welcome home” present from God! 

Two more blizzards, the last of which left us without telephone or power for 6 days.  I was SO thankful for the generator.  By the way, I can attest to the fact that a birthday cake cooked with a generator that faults and requires 3 hours in the oven is the absolute tastiest cake ever!

Making new friends – of the furry type – chipmunks and birds abound.

To pollen hitting and realizing that mosquitoes don’t wait until summer to bite.  Let the experimentation for natural solutions begin!!  (And ohh the need for itch and swelling relief.)

Continuing to meet with friends on-line is such a blessing and a fun way to take up new challenges 😉.  Antionette challenged me to learn brioche crochet.  After a failed attempt and time in the sin-bin, it finally clicked! On the other hand, counting in crochet and crochet grammar – still “in process” 😉.

What’s on my needles? I frogged the last design I knit in NC and reknit it into a slightly better shape. A UFO managed to smuggle itself up so I grafted that cowl from 2016 closed and called it my first FO in Maine. Just after arriving cameramom took me to a yarn shop where I found a new to me organic cotton – Quince Whimbrel – and swatched it up for a blog review. After that I went through knitting withdrawal as I was literally out of yarn. Every last scrap that managed the move has been claimed in my hunger for knitting (or crochet for those little bitty bits). The good news is that squishy mail arrived so as soon as it air’s out, I’ll be back on the needles!

For more, check out my IG stories “Life in Maine” – and yes, I’ve been building a patio!  (But shhhh it’s a surprise for when camera mom moves up – she’s back in NC for the time being.)

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