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Secret Project Unveiled

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Oblique references, murmurings, off handed comments… the wait is finally over. Today I’m ecstatic to reveal to you all my secret non-knitting project!

Introducing Habitat For Canaries
Habitat for Canaries logo

I don’t talk often or in depth about my illness – there is always something more uplifting and positive to speak about. It is a daily issue for the past nearly 19 years, but God has been so faithful through it. One of the greatest gifts He gave me was making me a realistic optimist… I see reality, I accept reality, and then I choose to focus on something positive in the situation :-). With this vision, He has transformed all these years of specialized knowledge I’ve gained through experience into a venture which I pray will be a blessing and hope for my fellow patients. It is with utter joy that we launch the Habitat for Canaries website!

Habitat For Canaries… providing a restorative environment, indoors and outdoors for the environmentally sensitive individual and their care givers. The purpose is to offer specialized living environment “nests” for other canaries on a short-term basis. These nests will be designed to provide an environment for the rejuvenation and restoration of our visitors. An additional component to the vision is, of course, education… little surprise given what you know about me ;-). The educational arm will focus on environmental toxins invading human habitats and how to minimize their impact.

If you are as excited as I am, I have two requests to put forward:

verse of the day Proverbs 14:22

Pray – today’s Bible verse of the day seemed most appropriate! With Habitat for Canaries we are planning for “good.” My parents head up to Maine next month to search out a suitable property for this venture. We are looking for a minimum of 200 acres at elevation between 300 – 1800 feet above sea level with the following attributes: a navigable water course (or the ability to create one), majority hardwood trees, away from industrial plants, away from cell towers (& other high EMF emitting stations), close enough to organic grocery store to provide for the needs of those at the Habitat, and far enough away from society so the acreage acts as an insulator from harmful substances… all at an affordable price!

Puddles "sharing is caring"

Share – this is very much a grass roots effort. Do you know someone who might be interested in our project? Whether you know eco health curious people, possible donors, patients, or investors – feel free to share our website link! We are currently in the process of being registered as a 501 (c) 3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. We anticipate being able to issue income tax receipts for charitable contributions to US donors beginning in 2017.

Don’t worry, Knit Eco Chic is staying put! Working on both projects – Habitat for Canaries & Knit Eco Chic – concurrently is my goal. At times one may take precedence of the other, but I have no plans to cease either.

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  1. OH I am very excited about this project!!! this is so needed and I think about this all the time – but not something i could take on with my own housing issues. But retirement is that much closer, month by month, year by year and before you know it! I can link this to a couple of private Facebook groups about sensitivities to chemicals and housing.

    I am very interested in VT as well but not sure about land availability. I love Baxter State Park area in Maine – have to get away from the end of the Appalachian Trail and all that traffic of course…

    I think there is a group looking at a community in NY somewhere too.

    I’m just biting at the bit so to speak to start researching building again….. 🙂

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