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Such joy and smiles occurred when one of you wrote and asked if “Shadowlands” was inspired by C.S. Lewis.  You know us too well!  Not only are my Great Danes named after a Lewis characters,

aw, a wee Puddle “marshwiggle”


and my first Dane, Cheeky, (Repecheek from Reepicheep) ,

Shadowlands with shadows over the mountains

but Shadowlands, too, tips a hat (or should I say cowl) to my favorite philosopher. 

Puddles in Shadowlands

From a cliff shoot to inside knitting tips*, from working with other indies to Friday night knit nights with Puddles, find out more about the design, check out my interview with Malabrigo on their blog here:

December Quickie: Shadowlands 

Fitting into our theme, Hems and Ends, I did something outside my “style” box and used a different color for the cast on than the bind off!  I know, earth-shattering, but to me, it took a lot of mental debates to actually do 😉.  And, of course, I love it!

contrasting CO and BO in Shadowlands
Will you join the non-symmetrical revolution?

To learn more about the philosopher I love, CS Lewis, check out the movie, Shadowlands and remember keep an eye out for the picture referenced in the Malabrigo blog!  And new out, a stage performance –The Most Reluctant Convert“.

Happy knitting!

*Tips – just in case the Malabrigo link doesn’t work at some point in time
1) Setting up the colors. All the testers agreed that it looks a bit of a mess at the very beginning, but once the pattern becomes established the mess disappears and you see the full design. So don’t give up if your start looks a bit of a colorful mess!

Testers used a variety of yarns (animal-fiber & commercially-available included), I used Verano from Malabrigo.

2) An important Tip: once the stitches that create the cables are established those stitches will always be slipped or knit. All other stitches will always be either knit or purled.

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  1. So many hugs! 🤗 I’m going to make a big effort to make this cowl and definitely need a hat or the upcoming release you previewed in the Shadowlands pattern. I was just gifted my first new winter jacket in over 15 years and I want to make new accessories too! 😁 I’ll think of you and the dogs!

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Carolyn. He loved snuggling under your slipper design! I look forward to seeing your matching accessories for your new coat!

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