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We’re going to continue another year sharing with Handspun Hope!  Last year saw so much wonderful growth with that ministry.  Our 2020 Sharing partner, Handspun Hope, has been raising money these last few months to build “The Will Barnhill Counseling Center” at their yarn dyeing / crafting compound in Rwanda.  As we wrap up our business year end this month what a way to celebrate – this week they announced the second story of said building is now fully funded!! Praise the Lord and heartfelt thanks to all their donors.

Handspun Hope 5K graphic
Handspun Hope 5k graphic

Earlier this year, Puddles and I took part in Handspun Hope’s first ever Virtual 5K.  This effort funded the first floor of the counseling center.  Thank you to those who joined the walk / hike / yarn push-up challenge with us.  Didn’t Puddles look adorable in his T-shirt!

Thank you for your continued support of Knit Eco Chic and my design efforts.  From each pattern you purchase this 2021 year 10% (after fees) goes to support the work of Handspun Hope and the beautiful fiber artists in Rwanda!  If you’d like to make a direct donation to Handspun Hope, check out their website here:

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