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How to Fix Blowout Spots on Knitwear in Photoshop

After bribing my photographer (aka mom) with tapioca pudding & equal time teaching her how to use Adobe PDF, I secured not one, but two 6am wake ups in an effort to beat the sun for the Sheer Illusion tank photo shoots. However, the summer mountain weather was being particularly uncooperative. Even though some shots displayed the fog I stood in, the ambient light continued to cause blow out upon the ice blue tank… right where all my “curves” are, so most inappropriate spots!

blow out on curves

Blow out on curves… MY curves!

Knowing I had pushed my photographer’s back to back early rising limits, I was running out of options as the last day of July and my publication deadline was upon me. So instead of harassing my senior of a mom into yet another early morning, I took to the Internet in search of a fix to the photos I had.
There were some processes that were massively involved and plenty of others that just didn’t work. Finally, I took bits and pieces from several tutorials to simplify the process into a manageable, with my limited skills, fix.

web search

I’m not viewing all 157,000 search results. I’ll try trial & error 1st.

How to “heal” knitwear pictures of blow out, a step by step guide.


prolegomena: – the before shot

duplicate background

Step 1: Duplicate Background

create new layer

Step 2: create new layer

Select Brush Alt Click for Sample

Step 3: Select Brush. Alt click to select color sample. Be sure to pick a color close to the blow out for better matching. I tried several different spots of “blues” that I liked better, and then ended up following the directions and picking a color just outside the blow out section so it blended more smoothly.

Set brush hardness and opacity

Step 4: Set brush size, hardness, and opacity. With opacity, set it low because as you blend you’ll be painting over larger and larger areas. So the same sections get covered multiple times, thereby making that center darker. I started with 15%.

Paint over worst parts first

Step 5: Paint over the worst blown out areas only.

Drop opacity

Step 6: Drop opacity. (I dropped it to 10% this time.) Paint over a slightly larger section. Include the section you’ve already painted for a better blend.

Drop opacity again

Step 7: Drop opacity again. (I dropped to 5%). Paint over an even larger area. To fully blend make sure to paint over the areas covered in Steps 6 & 7.

Merge down

Step 8: Merge down.


Before and After side by side

And that’s it!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. And if you know of an easier way, please do share!! In the meantime, if you are interested in the Sheer Illusion tank, all available locations are listed here on Knit Eco Chic’s website. Happy Knitting!

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