Silvia Needs a Bag

Silvia Needs a Bag

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The next release in the Technicolor: Matinee eBook collection is Silvia Needs a Bag by pattern engineer, Christine Guest.  Christine’s designs fascinate me!  She incorporates such incredible detail scientifically proven to work together in beautiful artistry.  I’ve had a few peeks into her process and her pile of swatches to get everything perfect is mesmerizing! 

Alcyone by Christine Guest photo by Avi Dascaloff
Alcyone by Christine Guest photo by Avi Dascaloff

I’m also privileged to be test knitting an upcoming release of hers, a men’s sweater, and am loving her attention to detail.  The care she takes to make sure patterning develops in a beautiful method even when doing something like increasing for a sleeve – wow!  But you’ll hear more on that a little bit later.  For now, Christine was kind enough to let me interview her about her contribution, Silvia Needs a Bag.

Silvia Needs a Bag

1. Which came first, the movie or the design?

Design came first, then the movie, which is really a what would my movie be, if there was a movie to go with this costume. (The movie is a fictitious idealization if Christine were to write a scripture for the costume and character she created.)

2. How did you morph the stitch patterns and was the morphing in any way related to your movie inspiration?

I did morph the stitch pattern a bit, some cables in the yoke are taller to fit the larger sizes.  The leaf in the draw strings really fit with the Elf Leaf Force theme too.

3. What’s the construction of this useful and beautiful bag?

It is top down; the bottom is very flat. I wrote two forms of directions, one with exact stitch counts, one with markers and 4 rows that repeat. I made a reel about the mini baubles too, and the design is both charted and written.

As a side note: Christine is taking part in both the GAL and the FOYAL, so Silvia Needs a Bag is eligible in both those events!

I can’t wait to see how she incorporates this small project into our 2023 collection, Technicolor: Movie Night!

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