Knit Eco Chic Size Chart

Size Chart

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One of our assignments was to create your own sizing chart. With no background at all in garment design, I was at a loss of how to do that. But, under Jill’s excellent guidance, she taught us just where to look and what to consider when crafting what would become the basis for all our garment designs.

If you look online at different ready-to-wear shops, you’ll see they all have their own custom sizing chart. What hips circumference make up a Large pants? What bust makes an XS top?

I did a bit of sneaky research on Ravelry, looking at your project pages and analyzing the sizes you currently knit. Then I did a wider examination of sizing charts across the online “ready to wear” eco clothing sites. Finally, I looked at currently offered on-line knitting sizing charts and purchased a copy of ASTM (ASTM International Sizing Standards).

Knit Eco Chic Size Chart

Under my teacher’s guidance, all these data points were funneled into Knit Eco Chic’s sizing chart. Once set, there will be little if any changes to the numbers shown in the green and pink cells in this chart. It serves as the foundation for all my garments and fitted accessories in order to have a consistency of sizing throughout my patterns. Different styles and garment shapes all start from the same point below! Ease and garment shape are the changeable elements, the base is always the same. Of course, these changeable elements are still limited by the individual design constraints… more on that next week.

A System of Grading (Pt 2)

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