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Cultivation Back

Remember how I said last blog that part of creating my custom sizing chart for Knit Eco Chic was to look at ready-to-wear sites? Since “eco” is the foundation that ties my designs to the fashion world, I paid particular attention to what eco “ready-to-wear” charts looked like. Interestingly, my size, which in commercial “ready-to-wear” is a Medium, often showed up as a Large on these eco “ready to wear” sites. This struck me significantly. In particular, I found a tighter armscye across the eco “ready-to-wear” board. But overall, size charts were definitely framed for the smaller sized person often starting in what is commercially be considered “misses” rather than “woman.”

According to the course, best grading practices has a start point of the middle size you will be offering with a few grades down and a few grades up. So, I had a decision to make. I could stick with the eco standard and make my size Large and break the best grading practices. OR I could make my size Medium and keep the best grading practices.

As you’ll have noticed in the few garments I’ve published since the course, I decided upon the latter! A size 38 bust is a Knit Eco Chic medium. As the constraints of each garment design permits, I will grade a few sizes down and a few sizes up from that point. Next time, part 4, Garment Philosophy.

A System of Grading Pt 3

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