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Slip and Rise

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2022 Pattern Club!

Slip and Rise Pattern Club image

The morning frost warms into morning dew as winter turns to spring.  Within these first few months of 2022, enjoy some simple designs to awaken your senses to the joyful colors and textures of double slipped designs.  The final two designs will appear as we say “goodbye” to warm summer mornings and “hello” to frosty sunrises. 

Slip and Rise includes six accessory patterns all featuring double slipped designs.  Design themes include cables, hearts, stripes, arches, flowers, and flakes.

Prior to publication the patterns will be tech edited and posted for testing.  Each pattern will be written and charted.  All will be beautifully presented in a PDF eBook.  With each release the price will rise to reflect the new addition.  Order today to take advantage of pre-sale pricing on Slip and Rise prior to the first release in January 2022.

Northern Shadowlands Headband

The first release, Shadowlands Headband, is now available!

Double the warmth with Shadowlands Headband.  Light filters through shades of dusk on the top while ribbing underneath adjusts for a snuggly warm fit.  Contrasting cables interplay in two styles for two winter weather needs – a fashionable warm winter headband that’s great for keeping your hair in place and a built for the Northern winter width that keeps you warm and stylish!

The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted.  Available exclusively in our 2022 “Slip and Rise” Pattern Club!