Beach Bum Optional Edging

Soaking Up the Sun in Beach Bum

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Isn’t it funny how some designs come about?  Beach Bum falls into that “oops, but hey that works” category!  Over the winter 2019, as I was planning designs for the 2020 Moebi Knits Pattern Club I knew I wanted to incorporate a moebius into a summer wardrobe.  The concept idea featured a moebius where ‘double’ came into play with how you could wear it – as a skirt that worked also well as a cowl.  “Beach Bum, Autumn Come” was the name – a convertible design that transcended two seasons. 

Puddles and me at Watauga Lake
Aw, memories! But yes, teaching him to swim would have been easier if I’d designed Beach Bum back then ;-).

On my last outing into a public building (at the end of last year), I thought I’d found the perfect yarn!  Unfortunately, when it got wet an overwhelming scent appeared, which didn’t air or wash out.  So it got shipped it off to a knitter who wasn’t bothered by those concerns.  And I was left with a gap in my pattern club plans.  The idea in particular needed the indie dyed touch.  To fit our “Gorgeous Gradients” 2020 theme, I searched high and low for a multi yarn for this design and then to my surprise, found a skein in my “to be reviewed” yarn pile!  A new to me yarn for a new way to wear a moebius – what a great match. 

Five Wise Owls Watermelon Patch color in a skein
Hand dyed 100% organic cotton from Five Wise Owls

Once casting on the indie dyed organic cotton, it didn’t take long to realize that concept didn’t really work out.  I thought I could double up the moebius to make a cowl and use the I-cords to pull the lace tighter up, but it really was not the right shape (at all), cumbersome, hot, and definitely missing the essential “chic” element.  Without wanting to abandon the idea, I contacted the dyer again to see if she happened to have a 2nd skein.  She did so my little grey cells were put to work creating a design that could be worn as both a skirt (original idea) and dress (new concept)! 

Beach Bum laying on the floor
Beach Bum as a flat lay 😉

A few trials later, I had my FO.  Most of the trials included how long to knit the lace… floor length was considered!  Even though primarily planned to highlight the skirt, at the photo shoot it became clear that this design wanted to be a dress (for me at least) all along as shown by the photos stats: 100 photos or so worn as a dress, 26 as a skirt… and 4 of a visiting butterfly 😉. 

photo shoot all pics
The modern equivalent to an old roll of film 😉
butterfly that joined us on the shoot
He fluttered around most of the shoot 🙂

One last point was left outstanding.  I loved the raw edge of the bind off and go.  It fit the beach theme as well as my aesthetic.  However, I didn’t want to turn away a Beach Bum knitter who preferred frills so I came up with an optional edging.  The “Optional Edging” directions are included below:

Happy knitting!

Optional Edging for Beach Bum - shells
Little shells all in a row, use the smaller needle, and watch them flow.

Beach Bum Optional Edging

The beach is calling!  So, Beach Bum is intentionally a BO and GO design.  But if you like a little extra frill, Puddles and I suggest edging with a shell detail.  Leave the last st from the bind off live, slip it onto the smaller needle (US 3/ 3.25mm), yarn forward, and follow “Optional Edging” below. 

Optional Edging Directions:

Remember to start with leaving the last st from the bind off live and yarn forward.

Set Up: turn your work to ws facing and using smaller needles, work into both legs of the next BO st, (k1, yo)x2, k1.

Turn your work to rs facing: (k1, p1)x2, k1, yf, s1.

Turn your work to ws facing: in 1×1 rib st, BO 5 sts.  Into both legs of the next BO st, pick up and knit 1 st.  BO 1 st.  Into both legs of the next BO st, (k1, yo)x2, k1. 

Repeat the last 2 directions until shells run all the way along the hem.  Pull through to BO last st. 

Repeat up both sides for even more frills.

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