Steam Heat by Laura Patterson

Steam Heat

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The next release in Technicolor: Matinee is Steam Heat by Laura Patterson.  We may have totally different design processes, but one thing we do both love is jazz in movies… especially when sung by power-house singers! More about how this relates to Laura’s design in the essay section of Technicolor: Matinee ;-).  

Steam Heat by Laura Patterson aka Fiber Dreams

1.  Which came first, the movie or the design

The movie. Actually, a set of movies came first. Starting with old black and white movies, and progressing to pictures that are much more current. Parts of each of these movies shared a feeling, a theme as it were, in a certain kind of scene.

2. Did the movie play a role in your yarn or yarn color choice

Since a number of these movies are in black and white, no, they didn’t affect my color choice.

3. Is your design something to knit while watching a movie

I didn’t actually knit my sample this time (sample knitter used), but if I had, I would definitely have knit it while watching movies. That said, I am certain that a lot of people will need to be in a quiet place to knit this shawl. It has lace, cables, and beads to keep track of, as well as both knits and purls on most wrong-side rows.

4. Any sneak peeks as to how your little project relates to the big project in the next collection

I tinkered with the stitch I chose for the shawl. Then I tinkered with the results of that for my next project. Among other tweaks, I removed all of the yarn overs and beads for the second project.

Steam Heat by Laura Patterson aka Fiber Dreams

Oh, I’m intrigued!  I can’t wait to spot the metamorphosis.  For now, I think I’m inspired to knit while watching White Christmas… one of Laura’s movie recommendations – pick up your copy of the eBook to see the others!

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