Fireside Knits with Puddles by the fire

Stitch in Focus Alternating Cable Cast On

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The Alternating Cable Cast On is a great cast on option anytime you have a rib, twisted rib, broken rib, or broken twisted rib stitch pattern touching the cast on. It creates a flawless edge for these stitches! Check out the video below for a demonstration as seen in Fireside Knits. As an added bonus (starting at 4min), the how-to includes some tips on working the cuff in Fireside Knits.

Puddles, of course, makes several appearances from his second favorite spot. His favorite being standing in front of the fire ;-).

Fireside Knits with Puddles by the fire

This design came in handy this January when the heater broke. Fit perfectly over a puffy vest and I stayed cozy warm. Puddles even shared his prime place in front of the fire with us the few days before the heat returned.



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