Double Knit Hat with Double Layer Knitting Ribbing

Stitch in Focus: Double Layer Knitting Rib Stitch

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I really loved how this rib stitch creates a double layer of ribbing.  With a few tricks, the stitches will nest perfectly into each other!  Like Double Layer Knitting, you work the stitches in pairs of 1 MC and 1 CC.  It creates a completely reversible and double thick fabric! Check out the video to see how. 

Double Layer Knitting, the Rib Stitch, breaks down into a simple 4 st repeat:

MC – k1, yf

CC – k1 (leave yarn in back)

MC – p1 (leave yarn in front)

CC – yf, p1

MCCC – both yarns to back

*No patterns are released yet featuring this rib stitch, but some are in the works.  Here’s a shot of cameradad’s finished Christmas present, which was the sample for the video.

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