Stitch in Focus: Double Stranded Knitted CO for Brioche

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You all know how I love my knitting tricks and hacks.  Today’s feature is for making brioche easier!  It’s the simple trick of double stranding.  I’ve used this trick in several patterns already, but today’s video shows you how to use it in the cast on. For our “KNIT” year, I’m using it with the knitted cast on method 😉.

Hehe, and ya, I did chuckle because knitting got me “burping” on the Internet (not actually, but try saying “brp” without a u and without spelling it out).

The design featured will come out later this year.  Until then, give double stranding a try in Terran, Aspen Travels, Color Cascade, or Slingshot.  Happy knitting!

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