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Stitch In Focus: I-cord

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One of my personal joys in knit design is collaborating with other designers. Today’s Stitch in Focus tutorial is brought to you as part of a indie designer knitting how-to you tube round robin!

Puddles with Love Moebius WIP

Watch how to knit an I-cord using DPNs, circular needles, and straights!

I admit, the straights were the hardest… nearly 8 years of using circs only, even on straight work due to the delicate desires of a snoozing Great Dane on my lap made the weights of straights feel like foreign objects ;-). But Puddles is well worth having giving them up.

Stay tuned to see what this massively long I-cord becomes… it shows up in release 2 of our Moebi Knits 2020 Pattern Club!

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