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Stitch in Focus Pick Up and Knit from an Icord

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Thank you for voting in the poll on whether to have a video tutorial for the rather rare, but easy, cast on used in the June Blooms pattern. Enjoy the video or to jump to a specific spot, see the “quick navigation” below!

Pick up and knit from an I-cord June Blooms

Little Grey Cell Whoopsies: at the beginning of the video I called stitch “legs” stitch “arms” and a couple of times used “row” instead of “column.” In the knitting trick section near the end, I leave the last stitch live when binding off the I-cord. However, in the pattern directions I have you bind off all stitches. For this design, either option works! (But if you leave it live, it counts as a stitch in your pick up total.)

Quick Navigation
0:17 – Three ways to pick up and knit from an I-cord individual method demo
0:58 – pick up and knit from the bar in between
1:40 – pick up and knit from one leg
2:25 – pick up and knit from two legs
3:37 – “Lindsay, seriously, you’re all about doing weird things to save time, so wouldn’t an I-cord cast on be faster?” Watch to see why not… at least for June Blooms ?
4:42 – Measuring your I-cord accurately
4:57 – One last hack to ensure success… using locking stitch markers to break your cast on into 4 equal parts so by the end of the I-cord you ensure you have the right number of stitches for the pattern

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful video and instructions!! No one else explained how to pick up “and knit” from an icord. I used your first method of picking up and knitting from the bar in between, looks great!!! I will be back to learn more, thank you again!!

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